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This is just to WARN customers wondering if Sprint really cares about the Customer and how they are treated and spoken to!

I'm a customer of yours, (Not for much longer) that switched over from one of your competitors after I was a loyal customer of 8 years but wasn't liking the direction that carrier was headed and became intrigued with your company after taking a look at what was offered. However only a little over a year and a half I'm now second guessing my decision to as I've just had a real unsettling experience with this company. I originally purchased two HTC EVO's 4g and at first things were fine and the phones were going great until we started noticing that the "on board memory" kept and keeps becoming "full" very fast as only a few apps are allowed downloaded at a time and can't even upgrade the system software because of this phantom memory issue. I've been in and out of your retail stores only to be told by your techs that there's nothing that can be done about the memory issue.

The phones I have were a couple years old to begin with and now just becoming more and more obsolete as newer devices are becoming faster in processor speeds which makes the apps bigger in size and harder for these older phones to adapt. Now realizing this I didn't see it fair that I just "deal" with the issue as I pay hundreds per month, thousands over a years time so why should I just have to "deal" with it instead of being allowed a device that makes me 100% comfortable working as hard as I have to to pay that type of money for just your service? So I placed a call September 31st to your customer service department to see if something could be done. I first spoke to a representative that explained to me that I'd have to wait until May of 2013 to "upgrade" my phone at the upgrade price or I'd have to "buy out" the remainder of my current contract to receive the "upgrade deal". Now I didn't find that fair at all and having been a cell phone user for over 12 years now I knew there was something that could be done. Sure enough I was transferred to an "account specialist" that told me if I paid $125 per line that I could "bump" up my "upgrade eligibility" to that very day September 31st in just a short few hours, yet just a few minutes prior I was told it was going to take a "buy out" of my contract which was about 7 months worth. So only 20 minutes in and got two conflicting answers.

Now I thought I was perfectly clear that the phones I wanted were the new IPhone 5 32gig, which I also knew I couldn't pay for all up front but would be able to make a payment arrangement for and was told with no hesitation that I would have No Problem doing so after waiting for the new upgrade date to take effect. She stated that all I had to do was call back after receiving a text that I could do so. After waiting a couple hours I received the text message and made my phone call only to be hit by wall after wall when I was told this was a No Problem scenario. First I was bounced around to representative after representative explaining the same thing to what I thought was the same company over and over in which I thought I would be helped only to hear "oh, sorry that person told you that but there's Nothing that can be done". Well after a handful of these talks I finally get a rep that tells me she Could bill me for the 16 gig iPhones because the "system" only allows phones that are $199 and under to be billed to the account and even tried putting me in the new galaxy phone but wasn't interested at all in that phone. I was interested the the iPhones because its an investment and will be a easy transition to the new macs I'm upgrading to in my business and the amount of space is needed to hold all the data I would like that device to handle so as I'm the one making the commitment and the steps necessary to get this device then how come I don't get to pick as your the winner here overall. It's you that I have to commit to for another 24 months on top of paying for a phone at a rate that just depreciates at an incredible rate after the date of sale which is where I felt it wasn't fair.

So this representative told me she could only do the 16 gig and if I wanted to get the other I'd have to wait on a managers call so I told her to do that then. Waited for a few hours but had to go to work to make money for this bill so by the time I was able to be given a call back from the manager I couldn't take the call as I was already at work. Waited until the morning, (October 1st) and tried returning the managers call but the phone number She left went to a Males voicemail so I didn't think to leave a message as I found that a bit shady. Instead I called back to your "account specialist" department and there should be notes or something to show the status of my order or process. Not at all, still had to explain the situation multiple times being bounced around time after time with what would seem each time that my carrier would hear me and acknowledge what they said they'd do with No Problem as was stated originally only to be told sorry and that was that.

Now here we are 24 hours later and still going back and fourth with now being told that the representative the previous day was wrong for saying that she could bill the 16 gig but not the 32gig?? I couldn't believe the blatant disregard to stand by your word as I was and always stand by mine and knowing from previous carriers experience that something can always be done. I as a customer work two jobs to keep up my end of everything and value the service that keeps me connected to my family and business and would appreciate my service provider to acknowledge that and work with me as opposed to against me when I've made such a commitment. There was no reason to charge me $250 for an early upgrade date if I was Not going to be able to upgrade to a device I'd be happy in after assuring me it would be No Problem and being very up front and forward about my intentions. For two weeks after my initial call on 9/31/12 I received two separate phone calls from someone in the Executive department who was very into himself and his job by making it a point to tell me and I quote, "I'm not here to please everyone", along with telling me that had I opened a Business account the equipment could be billed. Really? So what type of customer I am determines what type of service I'll receive? That type of attitude in a retail environment is not a good one, the Customer pays your salary and without the Customer there would be no Company!

Now today 10/29/12 I call in about the charge for the early upgrade fee and why I'm still to pay the fee when after all you did to make it perfectly clear that you Wouldn't work with me to get the equipment the way it was promised upon billing me for the early upgrade and YOUR customer service rep, Heather, tells me that I can RESET my plan back to it's original dates and take the fee off. I'm then transferred to a Manager* who then tells me that she cannot RESET the plan, that she's not here to argue with me and that again I'm not to believe the first representative (Heather) who told me what could have been done but that she's the Manager and I had to go by what she said and that only! Then when asking her to explain why the rep on Oct.1st told me she was crediting my account $45. for the next 4 months she couldn't even explain it only telling me that it was *Probably for the inconvenience but really couldn't answer the question. So she KNEW she couldn't take the fee off for the early upgrade but Couldn't explain why I was to be given a 4 month credit that somehow I just remembered being told and Somehow just managed to stop after one credit with no Notes in the account on that but Notes on everything else. Ridiculous and I beg to differ, I DO NOT believe it fair to charge a customer for something after realizing that someone there misinformed me about what can and can't be done. I just want my account back the way it was before YOUR mistake was made on the upgrade or I will be going to another carrier. I will not stand for this treatment and will voice my concern to as many and as far as I can reach!


Let me help you. Please private message me with your phone number and pin. I want to look more into the situation.  Did you activate your new phone yet?  I also want to assure you that I will not be transferring you around, and I want to do everything in my power to give you have a better experience with us!

Thank you!


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