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My Phone Won't Work With 4G LTE!!!


My Phone Won't Work With 4G LTE!!!

This is my first post so I hope I don't mess it up.  I really don't want to bore everyone with all the loyalty stuff so i'll get right to the point.

1.  I'm now pretty certain that well before the midddle of 2011 it was known within Sprint they were going to abandon the 4G Wimax plan in favor of a new 4G LTE plan that was long in the making.

2.  It is a fact that during this same time the city of Orlando, Florida which is 45 miles to my West and the City of Daytona Beach, Florida which is 60 miles to my North, both had Wimax 4G and that Sprint was heavly advertising the Wimax concept and it's future growth.

3.  In February of 2012 I changed my service and phone from the Sprint Blackberry system to the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 4G smartphone system.  

4.  In February 2013 I learned that Sprint upgraded our local towers to the 4G system.  I also found that I couldn't get the 4G signal.

When I found that I couldn't get the 4G signal I called Sprint and was told the reason I couldn't was that I had purchased a 4G smartphone that was only compatable with the Wimax 4G platform.  I also learned from the nice sprint customer service guy that the plan was to develop the out lying areas in the LTE platform and not to extend the Wimax platform areas.

I have also learned that people who purchased a Sprint 4G smartphone in the last 6 months of 2012 or latter actually purchased a phone that is only compatable with the LTE system. 

So the best I can figure from this is :  Sprint knew they were not going to extend Wimax 4G service to my service area yet they sold me a phone that was only going to work in the Wimax system.  Sprint will gladly sell me a new phone (which by the way isn't covered by the new upgrade policy because I have only had my current plan for one year) that will work in the LTE system here at home but won't work when I travel 45 miles West to Orlando or 60 miles north to Daytona Beach which both have only Wimax service.  

So I guess I have to purchase a new phone that will work in the new Sprint LTE system and keep the phone I curently have for travel.  Can I have another phone that works in the other system with the same phone number or will I have to have two numbers and two plans.  That will mean two business cards, two adds, two of everything????  SPRINT!!!!!  WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO HELP ME OUT WITH THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!  I already know the answer don't I????


Re: My Phone Won't Work With 4G LTE!!!

Be lucky if it works at all!


Re: My Phone Won't Work With 4G LTE!!!


Thanks for the post; I understand that this can be a frustrating situation. It is true that at this time we are in the process of Network Vision. This plan adds LTE and enhances 3G, Voice and Data connectivity. It is also true that at this point, we have halted 4G WiMax Build outs. This does no t mean that this will not be revisited in the future. We are concentrating on LTE due to the long term implications of the service. LTE is a service that is able to evolve with technology, making it the obvious choice for our future network endeavors. We are still working on LTE in that area. At this time we are about 7% done. There is still some work to be done with that area, so you shouldn’t have to feel like you need to get an LTE device right away, if the one you have still works for you. If you have two devices you would need to have a swap done when ever you would like to use LTE or WiMax. There may be some option that I can look at, Please PM me with your phone number, account PIN and a description of events. Thanks!

Sean L

Social Care


Re: My Phone Won't Work With 4G LTE!!!

You do understand that phones don't HAVE to connect to 4G, don't you?


Re: My Phone Won't Work With 4G LTE!!!


This is correct, 4G LTE is a still a new network being expanded nationwide.  At this time all 4G LTE capable devices on the Sprint network are also 3G CDMA capable which allows you to still utilize the 3G network in areas which do not have strong enough 4G signals.

Sprint Social Care Team


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