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My horrible experience buying a new phone with Sprint


My horrible experience buying a new phone with Sprint

I am a current Sprint customer and have had the most horrible experience with Sprint and their affiliates the past few days. It started two days ago when I went in to buy the Samsung Galaxy SIII from BrightStar Wireless in Riverdale, UT. I knew I wasn't eligible for an upgrade and bought the phone outright.($600) They told me since it was an outright buy, I couldn't have a phone from their store inventory, they had to order one from the warehouse and it would be in the next day. Okay, whatever I'll pick it up then.

The next day comes and I go pick up my phone. They get it activated and tell me it can take up to an hour for the data to start up. That was weird, but fine. I went home and started playing with my phone. I then started getting errors "Error 67. Registration Failure. Your Sprint data service username and/or password may be incorrect. Please try again.". I Googled this error and saw it was a pretty common problem with them. The common solution seemed to be to update your profile. I did  the ##72786# that I found on a forum and the phone rebooted, 3G icon came on, and the PRL and Profile updated, rebooted the phone again, and then was right back where I was to begin with. I tried a factory reset and that didn't work either. I called Sprint customer care and they verified I had done most of the basic troubleshooting steps already and they made sure the account information matched what was on my phone. They then transferred me to tech support who had me change a setting and that didn't fix the issue. They then said we should try a hard reset. If we are having to do that on a brand new phone, there is a problem. So I said forget it, I will just take it into a store.

I go to the Layton store, which is by where I live, rather than the store I bought it from, which is by where I work. The Layton store tells me that they can't do much since the store I bought it from is apparently a 3rd party vendor. East to be confused as the giant sign above their store says "Sprint". They recommend I go back there and just get a new phone since I am in the first 14 days. So I drive the 20 minutes back to that store.

I get back to BrightStar and they start playing around with the phone for 40 minutes or so. The attempts at troubleshooting are slowed down as they keep helping new customers as they come in as I sit there waiting to get a working phone. They finally decide they can't get it to work and I will need a new phone. But they can't give me one from in back, because that is a different inventory. I have to get it from the warehouse again, who won't send a new one out until they get the old one back, so sometime next week. I say that is unacceptable, just give me my money back then. They say they can't until the warehouse gets the old phone back, sometime next week. So just to clarify, they were sending me out of the store with no phone and no money. That is terrible customer service. I requested to speak to the manager and Matt, the guy in the store, told me no. He said he would just tell me the same thing. We argued this for a few minutes and he finally called someone and put me on the phone with Adam, who claims he is the Director of Business for the store and the only person higher is the owner. He then proceeds to tell me that he can't do anything for me, that they have to abide by Sprint policy. Apparently, Sprint policy is to not take care of your customer. I request to have contact information for the owner then and was told no, that is why the owner put him in charge. So this store refused to let me pass my grievances onto the owner and won't give me a working phone or my money back. I tell them I want to cancel my Sprint contract and they put my on the phone with Winback/Account management.

I talk to the guy there and he gets on the phone with Matt. Matt tells them what happened as well and gives me the phone back and the Winback agent says because it was a direct order from the warehouse, that is why they can't do anything. He doesn't know why they just didn't sell me out of their inventory to begin with. (Which we all know is they were saving that for new contract customers because lol@existing customers) I explain to him this is ridiculous, that I wanted to keep paying my monthly bill to Sprint and give them $600 for a new phone and nobody seems to want to take care of me. He says he will transfer me to someone else to help and then transfers me to a disconnected number. I tell Matt to return the phone for my money back and just walk out of the store at this point. No money and no phone.

I drive home and get my original phone and drive to the Layton store and tell them I just need an ESN swap back to my old phone after everything that has happened.They do that and tell there has been provisioning issues that day and it might take awhile for the data to come up. And then what happens? The Error 67 pops up on this phone. They tell me that is what is happening for all new activations right now. So apparently the sIII wasn't broken, it was just the crappy Sprint network. No one knew that when I visited both stores early nor when I called Sprint tech support. Awesome.

Here it is the next day as I type this and I wake up and still no data. I called Sprint, as the local store is closed, and they tell me the provisioning ticket that was opened up yesterday on this area is now closed. They send some refreshes to my phone that don't do anything. They say they can't do much because I am on the phone and I need to go back to the local store. I express my frustration of the past couple of days with the customer care agent and she transfers me to an account manager. I tell her everything that has gone on and I hear the magic words I have been hearing since yesterday from everyone with Sprint "I can't". I was told my two options are take my phone into the local store or cancel my contract for $240. While she acknowledged things have been rough for me the past couple of days with Sprint, there was no offer of credit or taking care of me or anything. It falls on me to give them money to stop a contract because they aren't giving me what I am paying for or go back to the store yet again to get them to fix their problems. She then said she would pass my account to an escalation team and that is the point I am currently at.

So to summarize:

I paid $600 for a new Sprint phone and have neither the phone or the $600.

I have $100 in upgrade/activation charges on my account for a phone activation that never happened.

I have my old phone with no working data on it, though I am paying for it.

Everyone at Sprint as the motto of "I can't".


Re: My horrible experience buying a new phone with Sprint

Four hours later I have yet to hear from the "escalations" team. I went to my local store and they first quoted me a timeframe to look at phone of an hour and a half until next Tuesday. They then said they are still getting all the new activations from last night saying they are still getting the Error 67 and that is a Sprint network issue. As such, they won't bother looking at my phone as they can't fix it.

I go back home and call Sprint and tell them this. They send me to tech support who say all the provisioning tickets in this area are closed. She tells me to troubleshoot the phone or go back to the store. This frustrates me. I explain to her that I have had two phones with this problem since yesterday and others have it as well. It is a network issue. Store is saying so as well. I make her call the store and she confirms what I have said. The tech guy there says he will have to open a ticket. So here it is, all morning and no ticket ever opened even though the store knew it was still going on. I even told them Sprint said the ticket was closed and they still weren't taking any action. The Sprint tech support girl would not open a ticket from her end for whatever reason. She said she was going to transfer me to her supervisor. I waited 30 minutes and no one ever picked up and so I hung up.

Still no data on my phone. Still missing the money I paid for a new phone. Still charges on my account from this whole mess. And not a single Sprint person resolving anything.


Re: My horrible experience buying a new phone with Sprint

Hi thatsmystapler76.

     You've invested a lot of time so far in not only getting a new device but then returning that device and getting a refund. Throw in the data 67 error and it's an even bigger frustration. I'm here to turn your current experience around. If you're still having issues today please send me an email to ATTN: Zach G. and I'll get this fixed for you.

Zach G.


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