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My irritatingly elusive iPhone 7 order


My irritatingly elusive iPhone 7 order

Ok, so on 10/15/16, the tip of my auxiliary cord broke off in the bottom of my iPhone 5c, so I decided to upgrade to iPhone 7.  I took the plunge and upgraded online, and at first, I was really excited; I mean this is the iPhone 7 we’re talking about.  This is huge.  So, I place my order and the phone is back ordered.  Ok, I can accept that because again, this is the iPhone 7 – this is huge.

On 10/18/16, I check and find out that my order shipped – sweet!  The next morning, I track the package – it’s 10/19/16 and my package was to be delivered that day.  I’m stoked. Can’t wait. 

I get home on 10/19/16 to find the sticker on my door from UPS.  Sorry we missed you, they said; someone needed to be home to sign for the phone.  Wow. Surprising.  Especially since I don’t recall signing for a phone from Sprint since I’ve been a customer – which is since 2007, I believe.  Disappointing, but I’m optimistic, because I’ll just go to and let them know that I plan to come and pick my phone up.

Go to to let them know I want to pick up my phone, but I can’t.  Why?  Because Sprint blocked this option.  Ok, now I’m a little less optimistic, but I’m trying to stay positive, so my next plan is to set up the time slot for the next day so I can be here.  No dice.  UPS can’t commit to a time slot.  Ok. Really disappointed now. 

So I go to and hop on the chat feature.  I provide my number and begin chatting with the representative who proceeds to tell me the status of my order and that UPS was planning to bring my package the next day – something I already knew of course.  Ok, so I let her know this is an issue.  I have to be at work.  There is no one else who can be here.  Could you please just set it up so I can pick my phone up from the UPS facility?  Sure I can, just let me get you to that dedicated team, she says.  Ok.  So I wait.  And wait.  And wait. And wait.  And wait.  And wait. And wait.  And wait.  And wait. Over an hour, and then a gentleman pops up in chat and advises me to give him some time to read over my previous conversation with the other representative.

Ok, he says, and begins to explain to me the same thing; UPS will make a second attempt.  I advise him of my issue in that I have to be at work, and ask if he can make an adjustment to the shipment so that I can pick it up from the UPS facility.  Sure, he says.  Please hold while I take care of that.  A few moments later, he comes back, and it’s all taken care of.  Great I say; no, there is nothing else you can assist me with tonight.  Thanks.

Wake up the next morning on 10/20/2016 super excited because today, I get to pick my phone up.  Get online to go and check the status of my package, and it reflects that it is on the truck and out for delivery. Wow.  Disappointing, no actually very angering.  So, I go into the delivery options and try to have the package delivered to my job – but I can’t do it, because the address is not in close proximity to my home address.  Now I'm really angry. 

So I make a last ditch effort to update the delivery instructions by advising the driver to leave the package at the door, but it's a no go, I get home today, and there is another sticker that says…sorry we missed you. 

Ok, so I’m really very angry.  I log on to UPS and I see that just today at 1:44 PM someone made the adjustment to my shipment so that I can go and pick it up - even though I was told that this was taken care of last night, in my mind I'm like ok, great, now we’re getting somewhere - but I can’t find the information online for where to pick it up, so I call UPS because I planned to pick it up when I got off today.

Again, no dice.  I can’t pick it up today, because Sprint didn’t update the order until today to allow customer pick up, and UPS doesn’t allow same day pick up.  Wow. So angry now, but ok great, I can pick it up tomorrow?  Cool. Where do I pick it up from?  An address that is 22 miles away from my house.

So tomorrow, 10/21/2016, six days after my order, I will go to pick up my new phone, 22 miles away from my home. 

I hope someone at Sprint reads this and develops a full understanding of how horrible this is from the customer experience standpoint.  I am a manager in the Executive Office of a worldwide firm; this is customer service at its worst.  I don’t expect that anyone will own up to how horrible this is or do anything for me as a customer, but rest assured, this is something that I will share, many times over.

Sprint Social Care

Re: My irritatingly elusive iPhone 7 order

Good morning MzGee

Thank you for the feedback. We really appreciate you taking the time to write on this thread about your experience.

Please accept our apologies and thank you for making us aware of this situation. We understand that this is not an ideal experience for our customers and we will make changes to improve the communication between Sprint and UPS.


Sprint Social Care

Sprint Social Care

Re: My irritatingly elusive iPhone 7 order

Please do; as I sit here typing this message, I am STILL without my iPhone 7.  Why?  Because UPS did not comply with Sprint's request for me to be able to pick up my package. 

So when I got ready to go and pick it up today, it was not at the UPS facility as promised, it was instead out for transit.  Then I get a call from a manager at UPS who tells me that she is going to call the driver to see if he/she can make another attempt, but of course now that I've been sitting at home for almost 1.5 hours, no one has been here. 

I get a second call from the same manager advising that she is not able to locate the package because a different driver has it than before, and as of right now, I am still waiting. and what will ultimately end up happening is that I will STILL have to drive 22 miles away from home to pick up the phone, only it will be in the dark because I will have to wait for the package to come back in from yet an additional, failed delivery attempt since now, I have to leave.   

This is an absolute nightmare, a complete, total and EPIC failure on the part of Sprint and UPS.

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