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Need to file a complaint for billing concern.


Need to file a complaint for billing concern.

On June 14th, I reached out via Chat to see if Sprint had offers out there in which I could receive discounts on my bill due to a pay cycle change that is happening mid year in my company. The chat rep, Nathan, said that discounts were outside of his authority but did discuss cheaper plans. I looked over all the plans and decided that the one I have now would be the best option for me. I discussed the issues with my pay cycle at work and the rep understood and advised me to call the Account Services team, as they are the next chain in command when it comes to discounts. He gave me their number and hours to call. I called this team and spoke with a representative (rep #1), she tried to get me to add on lines to receive a prepaid $200 MC... why would I add on more lines when I am looking for a cheaper bill??? I declined the offer, she then placed me on hold and when she came back she stated that she could give me a Loyalty Discount between 10%-25% for my tenure with Sprint. She wrote up the request and submitted it to her supervisor to be approved. She said it would take 3 business days for the 25% discount to be applied to my account. 


Now it is July 13th and I have my new bill. There is no discount. I chat with Sprint, this amazing chat team refer me back over to the team that screwed me over. I get it, some things are outside of their authority. I call the AS (Account Services team) again and I get a Brian (rep #2). I explain the situation from June. He place me on a 15 minute hold and never check in. Next thing I know a representative is talking and it is a woman (rep #3). We authenticate, and I go into the details. She tells me the AS rep (rep #1) did not place notes in my account for a 25% discount. Only notes were placed out there about the 200 MC offer that I declined. Because the notes were not out there, she could not give me this offer. I was livid. I never asked the rep #1 from June for a direct percentage I wanted options. She threw this fact into the universe and did not deliver on her end. Now, I feel like all of the AS reps think that I am making this mess up. Then rep #3 says "well for your time today, I will apply a $10 credit." I ask her if I could speak to a manager, she says "All the managers are currently busy." I keep explaining my case and again, I ask for someone. The story changed to "After me, there aren't any mangers. I am the last in command. I will apply a $10 credit." Then the phone hung up. Now a $10 credit today does not help with my long term need. If rep #1 could not help me and would have told me she could in June, we would not be here in the situation today. I am beyond upset. 


So I call the AS team again. I get another rep, (rep #4). She tells me that I already have the discount on my account. Then she says I need to go to a Sprint store to get a form to apply for the Loyalty Discount. She rushes off of the phone with me. 


I go back onto Sprint's website to look for a complaint email address and a chat pop up. I ask Ariel for a way to file a complaint. She looks in to the situation. I explained everything that happened from June through today. She advise me to call the AS team again, but this time she would stay on chat with me. I call the AS team, I get rep #5. I explained that I did not want to call again, but Ariel is on chat while I am on this call and persuaded me to call again. I go into all of the details again. She tells me that I can apply for an employer discount. I told her that I already have that on my account from many years ago. I am calling for the Loyalty Rewards Discount that was promised to me. She place me on a long hold. Next rep # 6 comes on the phone. I explain details AGAIN and she looks for offers She comes back and says "rep # 1 did not place her loyalty rewards out here so I cannot offer you that, I will see what I can do." I am placed on hold. She comes back to tell me that all she can do is give me a $40 credit. Again this does not help with my long term situation. if my calls are recorded, why cant the team go back and listen to this call where rep #1 told me I would get a percentage off my bill going forward? I am beyond upset with Sprint at this point. 


So how do I file a compliant?


You have definitely been through the wringer with this situation. I appreciate your detailed notes and effort to get this resolved. 


I would like to go back to the beginning and ask you to explain what exactly you were looking for with your first call. Are your pay days changing and it will make your bill late monthly?





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With my initial call I was looking for some type of rate relief on my bill. My job is changing our pay structure in September, so we will be losing a week of pay this year. Changing the weeks that we get paid will cause us to work 2 full weeks and only to get paid for one. The one week that we will not be paid for - we will not get back until we leave the company or retire (long Story behind the change). Due to this change, I will not have the $175 to pay in full due to other bills being due.  When I explained this to the Chat Rep, Nathan he advised that I should call the Account Services team as they have authority to give discounts. When I called, I was guaranteed a Loyalty Rewards discount percentage due to being a "valuable Sprint customer". I was waiting for the discount to be applied so that I could enroll in Auto Pay and know how much would be coming out automatically each month. But this never happened. Notes cannot be found from my June call and it is very frustrating that I called Sprint 5 times yesterday to get different answers each time. 


If the rep from the call in June would have flat out said, "I am sorry, but we do not have any discounts at this time" I would have just decided to send back y devices and move on to a local - cheaper company. But she guaranteed that she could help me, which is a slap in that face that I am being told differently now - because it was not notated in the file. 


Sounds like a mess. We can look into this. Can you send me a PM? We will need to access your account to determine what is best we do here.  

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