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Network and texting issues


Network and texting issues

Since Thursday, January 24. 2013. I have been having issues with texting.  It started with me getting an error message 2112.  When I called *2, I was told that there was a server issue and that someone would get back to me the following day.  The next day I was called and informed that the problem was not resolved but someone would call me the following day.  That same day I started getting error 67.  When I called *2 on Saturday, I was told to check my MSN and MSID to make sure they were correct.  I checked both and they were correct.  Today, when I check status on my phone (Galaxy SIII), it shows mobile network status as "disconnected."  This is extremely frustrating because at this point, unless I am connected to Wifi, I cannot access the internet.  So at this point, I cannot access the internet without Wifi and I cannot send or receive text messages.  My zip is 15218.  Other friends and family who are Sprint customers are not having issues. Also, when I try updating the PRL and profile (with Wifi off), I get an error "code 600."  When I do the same thing with Wifi on, I get a message that both have been updated. THIS IS EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. 


Re: Network and texting issues


Thank you for your post and I apologize about the delay in timing is has took to get back to you on this matter. I do want to take a look into this; can you please PM me your account name, number, pin or answer to security question so I can take a look into your account to see if anything has gone wrong with it?

Looking forward to getting this resolved for you!



Denver Social Care Team

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