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Network reset and now no service at all!!


Network reset and now no service at all!!

Ugh! I have an iphone 4 that I have been haivng major service isssues with all day long from home!  I can't text or call any one at all.  I just now did a network reset on my phone and now I have absolitely no serivce what so ever on my phne.  It keeps searching and then says NO SERVICE.  What the heck is going on.  My boyfriend has a phone on my account and his is the Samsung Galaxy III and when he was at work, 1 mile from our house he had service.  Since being home, he has bad service as well.  My sister lives 10 milkes from here and has a phone onmy account and hers has been fine all day.  I am getting super fed up and irritated.  I have turned the iphone off and on and done a profile update and now a network reset that has left with absolutely no service!  Please help me!!!

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