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New Customer, Botched Port, Double Bill & Where is the 4G/LTE???


New Customer, Botched Port, Double Bill & Where is the 4G/LTE???

Hi there.  I was couldnt find a screen name that was close to my own so this was the first I typed in, and it made me laugh and feel slightly vindicated.

I've never felt the need before this to post anything negative about a company.  I've been a Sprint customer for just under 25 days and:

- I've already spent more time talking to customers service reps then talking to my family

- Despite claims of savings, my overall bill actually went up $20/mo compared to ATT

- I brought my own iphone upon hearing they have no contract deals

- They said I was not eligible for a no contract deal, but they could give me new phone (which is the single dumbest thing to say to someone who is standing there holding a brand new iphone 5, but sales will be sales)

- They botched my port, and after 3 days finally found that they had assigned it to a completely different number than either the temporary or my old cell

- Since they were unable to complete my port, they also failed to disconnect my ATT line, so I just found out I HAVE TWO PHONE BILLS

- I am not receiving my Discount promised by the sales rep at the Downtown Seattle Sprint Store, not a 3rd party (which had faulty eqpt and couldn't even read my sim card to transfer my contacts)

- When I spoke to Retentions they told me I was past a 14 day trial period, which I was not aware of, I thought it was a more reasonable 30 days or 28, but 14??!!  Especially since my phone was not working for the first 4 days    

     -- When I told him about the mishandled port and the double billing, the rep offered me 5% discount, then I said I was already supposed to be receiving a discount and he spoke to his manager

          -- he came back and said he couldn't do anything and wouldn't let me speak to his manager

               --- I asked him to enter me in under an employee referral program that I had discovered to perhaps make up for the poor service and extra fees

                    ---- he replied that I could turn in my phone to sprint to help pay for the $350 ETF which is an unreasonable

                         --- I said that I would not just hand over my pre-paid $600 device because of their mistakes and asked if there was any other option

The conversation ended with the Retentions rep reiterating his final offer of $350 or I was free to pursue legal representation.  I'm guessing that means small claims court.  Are there lawyers that specialize in Phone Carrier contracts?

I really have no idea where this information goes, but I was able to find an Employee to refer me to the DISCOUNTED plan if I am able to get out of my current contract.

And to be honest, if the phone service and data speeds were decent, I would probably be willing to forgive all these indiscretions.

And that 14 day trial period refers to the equipment and I could find no actual trail period for the service itself. 

Where in the contract does it actually say the time limit for rules of remorse or canceling a phone service and not simply a trial on the eqpt?



Re: New Customer, Botched Port, Double Bill & Where is the 4G/LTE???

Correction.  It turns out my more expensive bill ALREADY INCLUDED MY 10% discount.  So, for the record I wnt from paying $79/month at ATT for unlimited data to $99/mo for the same but w NO 4G/LTE in my area which makes unlimited data pretty useless.  I generally have better things to do than complain about the unfairness of corporate America, but bein told my options are to pay Sprint $350 or a lawyer $350 to drop my contract (which I signed less than 30 days ago)

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