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New Service - ready to cancel


New Service - ready to cancel

How long is the grace period (if any) to cancel new service without incurring a penalty?

I have had my Sprint phone / service for just over a week now and I have NO connectivity at work in a little, sparsely populated town called PASADENA, CA 91109.

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Re: New Service - ready to cancel

Here is the return policy per :

You can try your new product for 14 days. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your product, return your device to your original place of purchase, and contact us within 14 days of activation (day 1 of the 14 days starts when the product is activated) to deactivate service or within 14 days of purchase for accessories and devices purchased with no service and Sprint will:

  • Refund the device, accessory, notebook, netbook or tablet (collectively refered to as "products") purchase price (as long as the product is complete and undamaged)
  • Waive the Early Termination Fee (ETF) (as long as the product is returned)

You may have to return any product purchased with the service before your account will be canceled. Customers are responsible for all their usage charges (included but not limited to Monthly Rate Charges, add-ons, casual or out-of-plan usage and related taxes and Sprint surcharges). However, if service is canceled within 3 days of activation, the activation/upgrade fee will be refunded.

A restocking fee will be charged starting at $35 for devices and $75 for notebooks, netbooks and tablets.  If the product is returned in its original unopened packaging or has not been activated, no restocking fee will be applied.


Re: New Service - ready to cancel

Give it back before its too late. Pay whatever the restocking fees might be if thats what it takes. Would be smarter to go via Boost if you care for the sprint network, as they do not have any contracts and you can test em out. And surprisingly they have a better service than sprint, even though boost uses sprint towers. silly indeed.

but in all seriousness, run before its too late

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