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New account question


New account question

I'm interested in joining the Sprint network so I went in to a store today to inquire about some things. I live on the Big Island, HI where most agree that the service is not as good as the other carriers. The sales rep said I would have a "14 day paid trial" where I can use the service and phone, and if I'm not satisfied return it on the 14th day and get a prorated refund. That sounded perfect, but they didn't have the phone I want. So now I'm looking into buying my phone online, but am concerned about when the 14 days starts. What I'm reading is two different things: the 14 days for the service refund starts from the date of activation, but the 14 days for the phone return starts from the date of purchase. If I purchase the plan and phone online, I'm afraid the phone isn't even going to be delivered to me before the 14 days are up, thereby depriving me of the chance to see if the service on the island is any good. Is this true?


Re: New account question


Thank you for reaching out, I understand your concerns. Our 14 day return period starts from the date your phone is activated, since you will opening a new account our policy is to ship your device activated. I understand how this can be an issue, have you looked at other 3rd party retailers for your device need?  For more info please see >

Eduardo C

Sprint Social Care


Re: New account question

And as they ship your phone activated, like they did mine, you lose the right to refund at 100% within 3 days. I ordered on Thursday and received the phones on Monday - too late for refund without restocking fees etc.

Plain out sucks.

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