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No discounts until an issue is resolved?????


No discounts until an issue is resolved?????

I can understand this policy if it's for a basic 'downed tower' or other simple tech issue.

I'm dealing with extremely poor data and voice issues in Orange County, CA. I've also had issues in LA. I'm especially gimped indoors. Data is slow to moderate and I have issues hearing others on most of my calls (as they do me). I called to get a credit to cover these issues. The LTE status blog shows we'll be hurting until at least Jan 2014, and I don't like the idea of paying full price for poor service....especially this poor.

The only answer a manager offers is "we don't give discounts for existing issues, so please be patient and bare with us". Seems that Sprint's best policy is to put everyone on hold and reduce credits, maximize earnings since they got us all on contract. Wow, talk about short sided. Thus, the only option I have now is to wait until the upgrades are complete and pray they don't revise the policy to "we don't give retroactive credits" (which I really expect to happen)....or, I'll be offered a one time $20 credit to cover the past 12 months of pain.

Get your head's straight Sprint. Stop screwing over your customer base. Many are leaving, and there's only so much most people will endure....even under contract.

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