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No signal, dropped calls, texts not sending FRUSTRATING!!


No signal, dropped calls, texts not sending FRUSTRATING!!

We have two phones on our plans the new Epic 46 and the intercept which was switched from the moment because of all the problems we had with it and was told it was the same when it is worse than the moment was. At least the moment had a flash on the camera this one does not. Anyways we have no signal ever in our house not even outside. We looked up the coverage are and it is marked as "fair". I cant even make a phone call I cant hear the other person they cant hear me it is the most frustrating thing in the world. I just hope I never have an emergency. We are stuck in both contracts for a year and have already tried moving to another provider but it will cost us over $700 to cancel. So we are basically paying monthly to have a phone that tells the time!! I am also upset that the intercept has so many issued with it and locks up at least 5 times a day. Anyone experience this problem? The other problem we have is that one phone has 4g on it so we have to pay the additional fee for 4g on each phone even though 4g is not available in our area!!


No signal, dropped calls, texts not sending FRUSTRATING!!


Thanks for the post. Have you recently moved? We do offer a device to enhance in home coverage. The device is called the Airave. The device is available for sale on our website for $129.99, there is no monthly service plan for the unit.

For more details please visit Thanks again for the post and please provide more details as to when this started happening.




No signal, dropped calls, texts not sending FRUSTRATING!!

This has been happening since I have had sprint service im just to the point of where I have had enough now my phone keeps powering itself down. One phone on my plan expires in December and when it does we will be dropping that contract and going to Verizon and just wait till the other phone drops and do the same. I do not feel it is very customer friendly to tell someone hey you pay $150 a month and you dont get service so here go ahead and BUY this out of your own pocket so you can use the service you are already paying for. My parents and inlaws have already switched from Sprint to Verizon because of the poor quality they have received and I will be informing my friends who have sprint about the better service we get with verizon and for them to switch as well.

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