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Nobody can explain unauthorized charges. (6 hours on phone with Sprint Support)


Nobody can explain unauthorized charges. (6 hours on phone with Sprint Support)

(I apologize for any typos or grammartical errors. I'm mentally exhausted from being on the phone for 6 straight hours.)


I guess I'll take a chance and utilize the forums here since it's much easier to clearly and consisely read what's being said, what has been said, and what support is saying, so perhaps this will go somewhere.. or not, I highly doubt it.

To begin, I've been on the phone with Sprint for nearly 6 hours. I've probably talked to over 30 different people. Some of them claim to be Supervisors, others were Supervisors, others were lying about being Supervisors... I've been escalated to a supervisor's supervisor... I've been transferred to Technical Support and a "Resolution Center" in which I believe is just a department for hard-noses to intentionally be jerks to deal with customers that don't give up. Not only that, I've been transferred to some sort of 3rd Party company where I couldn't use the touch-tone navigation menu, as well as redirected to some sort of police department. (Which, is the oddest transfer I've had ever.) Or it could have been some sort of other company that pretends to be the police, I'm not quite sure. Regardless, I'll begin my story... Yes, it's long.

My first call was suppose to have been a simple one. For some reason, Sprint didn't bill me this month so I was apparently overdue. I wanted to pay off February specifically. So, I called as normal, and received decent support. I called and had my bill for February paid off. I then asked about March's bill, as it was abnormally high. They claimed I was being billed for Tethering & Hotspot. I told them that wasn't suppose to be one there. They itemized everything on March's bill, and resolved and removed the hotspot charges that wasn't suppose to be there. My bill was lowered, but in the process of telling me what was on my bill, the associate listed some charges for a "game" of some sort.

I told the person I was speaking with that I absolutely did not add those charges to my account, and that I have no such game, application, or service. She was able to tell me that the charges were for an for how much. She claimed it was from an app called "Candy Crush" and it was for something like extra lives. I explained to her that I didn't authorize this, and that I don't have such a game or app on my phone, and never paid for this. I asked her to remove it, and she told me I had to go through Google to do so. She told me I needed to go to the website and review and dispute it there. I trusted her in this, thanked her, hung up the phone, and navigated to the site.

I logged in expecting to see the fradulent charges on my account activity. It's not there. There's no trace of me buying such a game, or extra features like "extra lives" or whatever non-sense it was. So I decided to call Google and ask them.

I spoke with a very kind guy on the phone for approximately 20 minutes who explained to me that he couldn't find such activity on my account. I neither purchased the game "Candy Crush" nor did I download it at all. He also was unable to find any payments that could have been made through the game itself. There was no trace of these charges anywhere asscioated with ANY of my Google accounts. He searched my main account as well as any other accounts connected to my phone. Nothing, zip, nada.

He told me this is something I would have to resolve through Sprint. He also was sympathetic with my situation and did his best to go through the account multiple times to find ANYTHING that could be causes these charges. When he was absolutely sure, the best he was able to do was send me an email officially through Google explaining he founds nothing regarding this game or charges. I didn't think it would help, but he gave it to me anyway and was extremely nice.

After being "armed" with this email that I thought I could, at the very least, forward to a high up supervisor who could receive such things as evidence... I called Sprint again.

... And it all went downhill from there.

I spoke with a represenative and asked them to take off the charges, and I also inquired how the charges even got there... As Google said they never authorized such a charge.

The woman on the phone told me that normally you'd have to go through Google to despite these, but she'd try to take off the charges. She was doing it one at a time for about 5 minutes each charge. I asked her during the process HOW these charges went into my account. She just kept repeating "Google Play Store." I told her "I realize that's what your information says, but I just talked to Google and they confirmed no such transaction took place. So please, can you tell me how these got on here?"

She argued with me that it was from, yet again, Google Play. I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor decided to itemize the charges for me and explain to me what "Candy Crush" is. I told her I already know what it is at this point, I get the concept. The thing is, I never put these on my account and I WANT TO KNOW HOW THEY GOT THERE. She repeated, "Well, when you use the game, you pay for the extra lives and that goes through the Google Play store." I told her I realize this, but Google told me this transaction NEVER TOOK PLACE, so I asked her yet again, "Since we've determined it's not Google, and it only appears on your bill, I'd like to know how it got there." She said, "I can't tell you that." I asked her to direct me to someone who could. She tried redirecting me... somewhere, and I was hung up on.

To make this already long post short... For the next 5 hours I've called and received the same answer, as well as had a bunch of rude employees argue with me that I made these charges myself.

During one of the phone calls, again being told that it's from "Google Play" I told the woman on the other end what I told everyone else, "Google claims to have no record of this transaction. I also know for a fact I never made this purchase. So please explain to me how they got there." She promptly replied, "Oh, this is actually from the Android Market! Yeah, that's it. The Android Market. Not the Google Play store. So, you were charged through that."

I sighed and told her, "Google Play IS the Android Market" now, they're the same thing. She then yelled at me and told me "No it's no, they're two seperate things... So even though Google told you that you didn't pay for it, it's not from them, it's from the Android Market." Eventually somewhere in that conversation, I tried to get transferred to a supervisor and got disconnected.

During one of my calls, I talked to another represenative who said, "It's very much the Google Play store. That's what it says." and I told her, "Oh? Well another associate says it's from the Android Market." and she said, "No, it's from the Google Play store." So, I had the previous person lying to me or was highly misinformed on the merger that took place.

During 3 of the calls, employees tried to tell me what a wonderful game it was and that they "play the game as well."

Through all this, even though I would explain the situation during the beginning of each call... they would annoying repeat back what I just told them... and felt the need to explain what "Candy Crush" is as well as the charges that were made... Even though each time I explained to them I was told what it was already.

I then got a person who told me that it's "Probably a Facebook game." I asked them, "How does that even work? I was told earlier this is a game from the Play Store." He argued back, "No, it's Facebook. You get charged through the play store. Man, I sure love the game Candy Crush. I know how this works."

I then got other associates who decided to call Google to try to get their answer. Each one of them said, "Sorry, I can't help you. Google won't speak with me because I'm from Sprint."

Essentially, I would get disconnected, and never have my question answered for about 5 hours.

Then things started getting... weirder.

I was sent to a "Resolution Specialist" after the latest person I was talking to from "Technical Support" (why I was even there I have no clue) kept arguing with me and telling me the same thing, even when I told him not to.

I was redirected to some swift-talking guy who was a complete jerknozzle. Each time I tried to explain the situation, he would cut me off, repeating my name, and telling me, "Well, what do you want me to do?" After I explained to him I wanted an explaination on how this is getting charged on my bill and to remove it, he kept saying, "I already told you, it's from the Google Play store. You downloaded an app, and the app charged you. End of story." Each time I explained to him that I already called Google and they told me they never charged me, he's just tell me all sorts of variations of "You're wrong." and "I'm not going to argue with you." He also repeated, "Well, if Google said they didn't charge you. You should call Google then." I explained to him I called Google alreday, 2 other times with other represenatives. He said, "Well, you should call Google now." He just kept repeating that.

I believe I was finally directed to someone who just specifically likes to argue with customers and tell them they're wrong. I was uncomfortable with this kid's tone, (and I say kid because he kept saying things like, "DUDE!" and interrupted me, telling me I was wrong like a child.) We managed to call Google's support together, where he then informed me, "THIS ISN'T EVEN THE RIGHT DEPARTMENT. They can't tell you if you were or weren't charged for something!" -- I explained to him they WERE able to, as I was on the phone with someone who itemized and helped search my personal information for any trace of these transactions. He then said, "Ok" and redialed. Expecting him to do the process of talking to the employees for me... He then told me, "Go ahead, enter in the buttons for the navigation." when we were at Google's navigation menu. I started pressing the button for the correct department, and nothing would happen. He thing started laughing at me and said, "Go ahead, navigate their menu" and each time I tried, it obviously didn't go through. He would have had to press the buttons. He started laughing some more, so I hung up.

He then proceeded to call me back 4 times. I was uncomfortable with this person and did not want to speak with him.

I then called again, I received a man who I explained my frustration to and I asked him to PLEASE transfer me to someone who can look into this. He then said, "It has nothing to do with Google, and it has nothing to do with Sprint. It has to do with a 3rd Party." I told him, "No, it has to do with Sprint, as it's on my bill." He redirected me to this 3rd party anyways... and yet again since I was being transferred, I couldn't use the navigational menu...  Not that this was the correct place to call anyway, as my business is with Sprint. (The 3rd party was Bill to Phone, or something like that.)

After numerous calls and receiving rude associates, people telling me I'm flat wrong, people telling me how much they enjoyed the game, and being transferred to the wrong department... I decided to get my lawyer involved. I also am frustrated beyond belief and am thinking at this point, it would make a good story for the news, as they're always looking for a story about uncooperative businesses giving the run-around.

I called and spoke with a woman and told her, "Could you please direct me to someone who can answer my question about these charges, and has the authority to look into it? I've been on the phone for 5 hours now and I get the run around this time, I'll just have my lawyer look into this and have the news push this as a story... because frankly, this is ridiculous." She said, "Okay, one moment." and redirected me to something that sounded like it was the police, saying, "If this is a 911 emergency, stay on the line, if this is a non-emergency...." Freaking out, I hung up.

Suffice it to say, I've gone through heck with Sprint's customer support. (Which, one employee got snotty with me and claimed she wasn't Customer Support, but Billing Support.)

If anyone on the forums can help me at all, it would be much appreciated. To condense what I'm looking for:

-I have a charge on my bill for "extra lives" or some sort for a game called "Candy Crush" that I never authorized.

-Google has informed me I did not make this purchase.

-Sprint keeps telling me, "It's from the Google Play store!" and other answers like, "It's a Facebook game. It's an app. It's a game for your phone. Etc."

I'm simply asking the question, "If Google never charged me for this. Where is this charge coming from?"

Sprints answer is, "The Google Play store."

I realize your system says this... But it is false. Now we have a mystery on our hands. Where are these charges coming from? It's not the Google Play store, as Google has told me they never issued the charge. So, where in Sprint's systems did the charge ACTUALLY come from?

It's a very simple question. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have the ability to look into it.

If anyone can help and give me an answer other than "It's your fault," / "It's from an app on your phone" / "It's from the Google Play store" / "It's a Facebook game" / "Wow! I love that game! I play it for hours!" then it would be much appreciated.

Sprint is charging me for something I do not owe. Google confirms I do not owe it. The only trace of it is on my Sprint bill. Figure out how it got there, despite the charge claiming it's from Google.

I have an official email from Google stating they never charged me for it, as well as a screenshot of my Google transaction history. (Which Google also suggested for evidence, but I doubt that helps.)


Re: Nobody can explain unauthorized charges. (6 hours on phone with Sprint Support)

There's different sections of google, when you called in to google what information did you provide to them? Cell phone number or email address? Also you are confused about the charges it is simply billed through sprint. I'm going to get you an exact answer shortly.

I've done my research and "Candy Crush" is developed by "".

Sprint should be able to unsubscribe you from the charges itself how much did they charge you for it?


Re: Nobody can explain unauthorized charges. (6 hours on phone with Sprint Support)


I'm not confused about the charges. I know exactly what's going on. You're correct that it is simply billed through Sprint. However, when I ask Sprint, they tell me it's an issue with "Google Play" and to contact them. I told Sprint that Google has no record of these charges.

When I called, I provided them both my email and phone number... Or rather, he was able to determine my phone number just by looking up everything associated with my email. The represenative from Google I spoke with was extremely thorough, looking through ALL activity through ALL accounts that I have connected and associated through my phone. My email address, etc. He found nothing.

I did my research as well, and I know very well what the game is and I'm sick of hearing about it. These are things I already know.

Sprint claims to have both "blocked" and "unsubscribed" me from charges multiple times... Though, I never asked them to. Perhaps I'd like to utilize a service for something I ACTUALLY own and used someday? I simply would like them to explain where these particular charges are coming from, and how they got there.

They did not get there through me. I do not have access to such a game or features.

It is not on my phone at all, period.

Google has confirmed that these charges did not take place, as they would have a record of me owning such a game (free or paid) and a record of the charges sent to Sprint. They do not.

The only place these charges appear is on my Sprint bill. Regardless of their answer of "you were charged through Google Play" it is 100% false and incorrect. I was not. I am not associated with these charges or the app / game.

Also, notibly funny is that every time I explain that these charges can't possibly come from me... they switch their answer and tell me that it's a "Facebook" game now. Which is funny, because another represenative said it was an app that is installed on my phone.

Regardless, a Facebook game would not be able to bill to my phone. Furthermore, I don't have access to such a Facebook game and never had. Either way, even it was a Facebook game, Sprint still claims the charges went through "Google Play." They 100% did not.

Sprint was only able to remove 2 of the 4 charges. I'm not sure if they attempted to remove the other 2 or not... But I find it curious that 1 employee told me that I can ONLY go through Google to dispute charges... And another employee was able to attempt to remove the charges from my bill.

I've never had trouble with Sprint before yesterday. Usually my interactions with Sprint are really smooth and well. I explain what I want and what I don't want, and Sprint does it's homework and fixes the problem.

However, in the case of the mysterious charges I am not associated with at all... Sprint absolutely refuses to tell me what's going on... and I find this absolutely shady as heck.


Re: Nobody can explain unauthorized charges. (6 hours on phone with Sprint Support)

Should I even bother checking the forums for a reply? Apparently my issue is being ignored here as well... Considering several topics posted after mine are being looked into. Do I need to own an Airave device in order to get support on these forums? (Because I see support is quick to solve those issues.) I do believe my issue was posted before other topics here. I do believe 24 hours is more than enough patience from me for trying to get support from Sprint.


Re: Nobody can explain unauthorized charges. (6 hours on phone with Sprint Support)


I apologize for the delay in response, but I am here, and happy to help! This is a valid question that I can answer! I do not play candy crush, and had to do some research to find what it was, but it looks like it did come from the Google play store, or through Facebook. This is what I also found with apps like this showing on your Sprint bill.  I hope this answers your question, and if you have any more just ask!

Thank you,


Sprint Social Care Team

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-8pm mst


Re: Nobody can explain unauthorized charges. (6 hours on phone with Sprint Support)

Not to be rude, as I do appreciate the response... however...

It seems as you're another Sprint employee who doesn't read, or listen, to the explaination, question & issue I am having. You, like every other support agent... Seems to just be repeating back the same information and ignoring the question I have.

I really don't see why this is so difficult. Simplying repeating back what the charges are and what the game is doesn't get me anywhere. Telling me how to setup to charge a game or content through my Sprint bill doesn't help either. (As I've never done this process.)

Here's what I figured out and already know. Perhaps I need to break my issue down in parts since it's so difficult for a Sprint employee to explain to me how these charges got on my bill when I DID NOT PURCHASE THEM!

I'll break down and give you the short history of what my issue is, since apparently listening and reading is hard for Sprint to do.

What happened:

  • While on the phone with Billing, they mention charges I don't recognize.
  • I ask how to resolve these charges, I'm told that I must visit "" and despute the charges on my bill online.
  • Expecting to find unauthorized charges on the website, I don't find them anywhere. I find nothing about transactions sent to my phone bill, and no records of "Candy Crush" at all.
  • I call the support number provided by Google. I talked to a very helpful gentleman for 20 minutes who searched ALL accounts associated with my phone, and he found no record of these transactions. Period. None.
  • He does his best to provide proof of this, by sending me an email. (Which is useless until I found a Sprint employee who knows how email works.) He claims there's nothing he can do to help dispute these charges or even take them off, because they simply DO NOT EXIST and these transactions NEVER HAPPENED.
  • I call Sprint back, expecting to get an answer about these charges. A represenative claims she was only able to remove 2 of the charges off... and informed me that normally I'd have to dispute this with Google Play. I told her I already did, and they find no record of these charges.
  • I ask her where these charges are coming from and how they got there. She kept repeating "Google Play Store." I told her she was incorrect.
  • I'm on the phone for 6 hours straight trying to find an employee who can explain to me where these charges even came from, and how they got there. Everyone gives me attitude, the run-around, and during one call, some kid even swore at me.
  • When asked where the charges came from, despite telling people that Google told me the charges don't even exist and I never authorized them... Employee keep telling me, "They charge you through the app." - "They charge you through Google Play" - "They charge you through Facebook" - "It's your fault the charges are there because you used the app." - "The charges are on the bill because they came from the app" - "The charges are from Facebook." - "The charges are from 'Bill to Phone' " - "You downloaded the app from the Play Store and bought these features and were charged."
  • No matter what I say to Sprint, they just pretend that it's natural for things I never purchased to be on my bill.

So, this is what I know. The Information on the charges from Sprint:

  • Candy Crush is apparently an App / Facebook game
  • My Sprint bill claims I was charged 4 items from it on February 18th, 2013
  • The bill claims they came from the "Google Play" store.

What's false about this:

  • I do not have the game "Candy Crush" and have never accessed it. Neither via an App on my phone, nor on Facebook.
  • I never setup anything to charge to my Sprint bill regarding apps.
  • I've contacted Google's support, they have verified that they never charged me for "Candy Crush" or any affiliated in-game features. They have found no trace of this.

So, here's the breakdown:

  • I never paid for these items, and Google has confirmed I NEVER PAID FOR THIS.
  • Google has confirmed I never accessed, downloaded, or utilized anything related to "Candy Crush."
  • Sprint keeps insisting that the charges came from the "Google Play Store." They did not!
  • Sprint keeps refusing to explain where the charges came from and when I ask, they tell me "Google Play Store."

So, if I have nothing to do with these charges and they ONLY APPEAR ON MY SPRINT BILL and they are NOT FROM THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE then I ask you the question you keep avoiding:


Why is this so difficult for Sprint to answer? The answer is NOT "Google Play Store" because the charges did NOT come from there, despite what your records say. So do not repeat back "Google Play Store" at all, period, not even once.

So please explain where they came from.


I also called Google for a 2nd time to verify without a doubt that the charges did not come from there. I asked the employee the following questions:

Do you have access to look at all transactions, through all accounts, even associated with my phone number?


Is there another department in Google that handles Google Play store transactions? Or are you able to see everything associated with my account?

I'm able to see everything related to the Google Play store. If a transaction took place, I would see it here.

Are you able to find any charges at all related to the game "Candy Crush" or any recent charges on Feb 18th?

No, you only have 3 charges, the latest being December 12th, 2012. There are no other charges related to any of your accounts.

Are you able to talk with a 3rd party like Sprint, even if I'm on the phone? (I asked this because Sprint insisted that I was wrong when I told them that Google told me that they found no trace of these charges. One really rude "kid" from the "Resolution Center" kept insisting that we call them together... just to prove me wrong.)

No, we are unable to discuss your account information with a 3rd party, even if you're on the phone with them.

I seriously have no idea what other proof you need that not only did I not initiate these charges... but these charges without a doubt absolutely did NOT come from Google Play.

I have an email from the 1st rep telling me he found no such charges. It's from an official mailing address.

I can provide screenshots of my Google Wallet, there's nothing there regarding these charges.

I have 2 recorded phone call conversations with Google employees who told me the same answers... that these charges never took place nor are they from Google Play.

The only place these charges come from are from Sprint.

When I ask Sprint how they got there, they refuse to tell me... They just repeat back "Google Play."

...How dumb can a company be to repeat back an incorrect answer like a child?

You're telling me that there's no department within Sprint that can investigate fraudelant charges that ONLY appear on my Sprint bill and are CERTAINLY NOT from Goolge Play.

I'd like to know where these charges came from, and how they got there. It's an issue with Sprint. Not Google Play. Please look into this and tell me HOW THEY GOT THERE. WHERE DID THEY COME FROM.

Either that or admit that you're adding fraudulant charges on my bill without anyone's authorization.

Notice how I'm calling them "fraudulant charges" now instead of "unauthorized." Because these charges were never authorized by anyone in any manner. They simply magically appear on my Sprint bill.

Like I said, if you can't get an employee to answer my question appropriately without blaming Google for something that only appears on a Sprint bill... I'll be taking this matter up in court, as well as alerting my local news team. (Who, I already received a response back from and they're very much interested in investigating this story, as I'm not the only one having this non-sense happen to them, apparently.)


Re: Nobody can explain unauthorized charges. (6 hours on phone with Sprint Support)

I see support agents clearly responding to threads on this forum that came after mine. I'd appreciate it if you'd stop ignoring this.

Usually I have more than enough patience with any sort of Customer Support, be it on forums or phone... But I do believe this has to be the worst support I've received through any company EVER.

I've been waiting 3 days for an answer. 18 hours on the phone with Sprint, and I've waited more than 24 hours on these forums for proper support.

My patience is wearing thin.

Community Manager

Re: Nobody can explain unauthorized charges. (6 hours on phone with Sprint Support)

I apologize for the delay, we didn't mean to make you feel ignored.

I've read through the whole thread and your posts but want to make sure I have the story right, so please bear with me.

You don't have the app Candy Crush and have never purchased anything for the game, yet have charges for it on your Sprint bill.

You have documentation from Google stating that the charges weren't added from their side, despiite what our billing systems might say to the contrary.

Have I got it correct?

I'll be honest, I don't know where the charges came from, but there definitely seems to be something odd going on here (I can say odd since I'm not the one paying the bill, I'm sure 'infuriating' is closer to what you feel). I do, however, have some ideas how to proceed from here.


Sprint Social Cares


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Re: Nobody can explain unauthorized charges. (6 hours on phone with Sprint Support)

Aww you better look at the children that use your phone or back into your memory bank... Candycrush is an extremely addictive fun game on (facebook app) allows you to bill credits to your sprint phone. It is extremely addictive and things can get out of hand fast.

They text you a code that you have to enter on facebook to get the credits. Someone made these charges trust me this is no glitch.[op

You can also install CandyCrush on your phone. It will then give you 2 options to get credits for the game googleplay which requires you log into your gmail account wallet where Credit card numbers are stored or bill to Sprint account.

Look in your message history for texts form a 5 digit number usually starts with Zong alert.


Re: Nobody can explain unauthorized charges. (6 hours on phone with Sprint Support)

ChristydaGeek wrote:

I apologize for the delay, we didn't mean to make you feel ignored.

I've read through the whole thread and your posts but want to make sure I have the story right, so please bear with me.

You don't have the app Candy Crush and have never purchased anything for the game, yet have charges for it on your Sprint bill.

You have documentation from Google stating that the charges weren't added from their side, despiite what our billing systems might say to the contrary.

Have I got it correct?

I'll be honest, I don't know where the charges came from, but there definitely seems to be something odd going on here (I can say odd since I'm not the one paying the bill, I'm sure 'infuriating' is closer to what you feel). I do, however, have some ideas how to proceed from here.


Sprint Social Cares

Correct. I do not have this app connected in any way, shape, or form, to me at all, period. I do indeed have an email from Google stating that they can't find anything related to these charges, on any and all accounts associated with them and my phone, that I own.

After I posted this thread, I called Sprint back again... probably for the 65th time. (That's not a joke by the way.)

I finally spoke with one of the "Resolution Center" guys... The ones who end up having the authority to do most of the things I want them to do, but also at the same time tend to ignore anything I have to say.

I was able to forward him the initial email. He argued that the email could be from anyone.

He wanted to listen in on my phone call to Google, he did, and got confirmation that the email was indeed legit.

He heard Google state I wasn't responsible for the charges.

I had Google escalate the matter. The charges simply don't exist so they sent me a templated response back about "how to dispute charges." Which I can understand, as they have NOTHING TO LOOK INTO and that was most likely the best response they could give.

Sprint knows that I'm not responsible for these charges, and never made them.

Google has told me, and a Sprint represenative, that these charges don't exist.

Sprint keeps pointing the finger at Google, claiming, "Well, it's their fault, no matter what. We're not responsible for what goes on your Sprint bill!" (Sprint's actual words several times.)

All possibilities of this being associated with me have been debunked and dismissed. No records of this game in my phone. No records in Google's account records. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I'm the only one who owns my phone, and I only have one phone line. I'm a rather computer-techy person who knows how to keep my information safe and secure. I am not dumb. No "kids" or friends have accessed my phone. If they had, there would be a record of it, somewhere. That's simply not the case.

I am not responsible for these charges, period.

The only place they appear, is on my Sprint bill. When I ask Sprint, they don't want to take any responsibility for finding out how they got there. They won't even admit it's an accident... They keep claiming Google has to place the charges on there for them.

I asked Sprint if there were Refernece #'s associated with the charges... So Google could look them up and backtrack them. Sprint tells me, "That doesn't even exist. All we get is a note saying it's from Google Play."

I find that hard to believe. In fact, a Google respresenative even told me that was hard to believe, as he specifically asked me for any associated reference or tracking numbers for the items.

I have... a lot, and I mean a lot of patience in this matter. Today I called back, after calling back before... and discovered the charges were still on my bill.. even though awhile back I just decided to tell them "I don't care where they came from, just simply take them off." The rep complied, and told me the were taken off. I discover today they were not.

I did have them removed once more, with a confirmation number of the rep, who assures me they won't be on my bill.

The matter of getting a refund is aside from the point. I'd like to know how these got there.

Sprint doesn't want to admit fault. They won't even apologize for it.

I would think a company would want to find out how charges got there that aren't suppose to be there. Since the only records of these charges are on Sprint's end.. it's their responsibility. Stop putting the blame on Goolge. They've already absolved me for all responsibility. (And they're much more effecient and pleasent to deal with, too.)

Either assist me and find out where the charges came from... Or I'll be forced to give the go ahead with the local news stations who is interested in this.. and my lawyer. Simply put, charges that come from nowhere should not be happening, period.

I would think if Sprint was informed this was happening, they'd look into it. They have not.

So... am I going to get the run around here too, or what?

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