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Non-exsistent customer service


Non-exsistent customer service

I am a customer in the Chicago area and not only is the service horrible, dropped calls, no 3G service, but the customer service is even worse. I am tired of hearing about towers down, towers being upgraded to LTE. FIX IT!. I have been on the phone with Customer Service several times in the past few weeks with nothing but empty promises of how someone will call me back (hello can you hear me now), how I will get a credit on my bill (never seen), I have to wait until the problem is fixed before I get a credit (really!), I have to report a problem before I get a credit (comeon now). I was recommended to Sprint by another customer worst mistake I ever made. I am ready to pay the deactivation fee just to get out! If you can't fix your towers, at least fix your customer service! Please don't answer this complaint with an empty promise, if you are not going to give me some real customer service don't bother. Remember, IF YOU DON'T SERVICE YOUR CUSTOMERS, SOMEONE ELSE WILL!

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Re: Non-exsistent customer service


We are here to provide assistance and will get to the bottom what's going on.

First, please tell us where you are so we can take a look at your area. What are your zip code and cross streets? We'd like to get our eyes on your area in Chicago and check out what future advancements we can expect with the aforementioned upgrades.

Thanks in advance for sharing.

Ruth E

Social Care Team

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