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Number transfer within sprint


Number transfer within sprint


I called into Sprint Customer Service and they offered no clear assistance on the situation.

Situation: I started a new contract w/two lines for me and my wife, and I'd like to port over my old number to my new phone. My old number was a fulfilled 2yr contract with my parents but is still active on a month to month. The quick version: take my old number and put it on my new phone overwriting the new number they gave me.

Problem: After calling Sprint they said there was no way to transfer my old number onto my new phone without having to pay a large termination fee on my new contract

My question is this: Why would I have to terminate my current line if I'D STILL BE USING IT? All I want is my old number from my parents contract to be my number on my new contract. How is this so difficult on the same carrier?

General Notes:

My old number (line) has fulfilled the 2 year agreement.

My new contract I got so my wife and myself could be on our own plan.

Anyone have any insight on what is going on here?



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