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I ordered my IPhone 4S 16GB thru Sprint online which apparently was a big mistake.  Although the ordering process was simple and easy the delivery of the phone was NOT.  The first attempt to have my phone delivered was unsuccessful on 11/11/2011 at 2:52pm by UPS.  I had hoped that the package would be left on my front porch and waiting for me when I got home from working over 8 hours.

Instead I found a "Missed Delivery" note taped to my door.  I've had problems in the past with UPS refusing to leave packages on my front porch since it is a house with 2 apartments.  Although, I was unable to change the information with the "My Choice" with UPS they said I could contact Sprint & they could change either the delivery location or the requirement that I had to sign for the package...this is when the rudeness of the Sprint Order Support Team began.

I called Sprint & was passed on to the Sprint Order Support Team and spoke to a young woman.  I was trying to explain to her that UPS would not leave the package on my porch or that I could not change the delivery location without Sprint's permission.  She proceeded to tell me what I already knew, the package was attempted to be delivered but I was not there to receive it.  I told her, I knew this and continued to give her a solution & asked if she was able to call UPS and have them change the location to the UPS store down the street from my house.  Not a huge change as I can walk there or hard to do since I gave her the number.  She said she could not do this.  After about 20 minutes of she telling me what Sprint could not do & what she could not do, I got very upset.  I did not raise my voice or use any inappropriate language but was hung up on.

5 hours later and after I had time too calm down, I called back to the Sprint Order Support department and asked to speak to the Supervisor.  Again is was another name that I could not pronounce & couldn't understand the spelling when she gave it to me, (Amette?).  She was the supervisor on shift this Saturday afternoon.  This time I was even more polite & respectful and again went over the details of what I needed Sprint to do for me.  And another long story of what Sprint could not do.  I explained to her that I have the number and all the information she needed to call and tell them a different address less than 100 yards away from my house.  I guess they do not understand those of us that work 8 hours a day 6 days a week and are not home during the day hours to wait on packages to be signed.  She also did not seem to care or apologize for the former hang up phone call by one of her staff members.  Instead, she said the phone could have been disconnected.  I again explained to her that I was on a land line and that if it was disconnected they had my phone number and information to call me back if this was the case.

At this point of getting nowhere, I requested to speak to her Manager.  She responded that her manager was not in on the weekends.  I asked if I could leave a message for him to call me back and she said "no".  She did however give me his name "Dana S." and said he would be in the office on Monday.

Long story short, I was hung up on by the Sprint Order Support Team, I was never apologized too when I spoke to the supervisor, and was given many "I cannot do this" from the support team.  What is the purpose of the Order Support Team if they cannot fix a tiny problem.  Is this how Sprint takes care of their customer of over 10 years?




My apologies for the hang up. I know how frustrating it is being in your shoes. As a representative there really is only one primary option for your situation.

Because the device is insured and comes with a high cost a signature is required. UPS also may implement a signature for your geographic location based upon historical shipping records. I work in Account Services and I have the ability to intercept a package and direct it to another address however, sometimes even when requesting this can be done, the request can be rejected.

I do apologize if this was not explained to you. Did you finally get your device or is it still in limbo? Let me know and I'd be happy to get involved and help.





Well, they can't ship to stores, because the stores don't want to be held responsible for the item until pickup. Let's face it-- anything could happen to your packages on a UPS truck, and the stores don't want to be held accountable for something that's not their fault (understandable).

Could you not have it shipped to your office location? Or is there anyway you could have a friend or family member wait at the house?

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