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Online Reservation


Online Reservation

I placed an online reservation for the Note 7 online on Wednesday September 22 to go pick up on today September 23 at my local Sprint store. I got a confirmation number and everything. So today I get off work early to go pick up the phone at my appointed time of 3pm and was told that they didn't get my reservation and then I was told that because I wasn't on their list from people coming in to replace or order the Note 7 that I can't get it even though they had some on hand and I had my email sprint sent me with my information and confirmation number on it. If this was the case then why did sprint let me reserve it online days prior and why couldn't my reservation be honored? It was a waste of my time and gas. Horrible customer service.

I just found this online:

Sprint also wants you to send your phone back from exactly whence it came — but can’t promise anything on the timing front. Units in stores are being sold or exchanged to customers as those customers come in; there’s no waiting list.

Specifically, a representative for Sprint tells Consumerist, “We recommend customers call the store where they purchased the Note 7 to learn about current stock which will vary by location. Stores are handling exchanges on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot reserve devices.”

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Re: Online Reservation


Thank you for reaching out to us. I would like to take a deeper look into this. Please check your inbox, I sent you a private message.

To access to your private messages, click on your name or avatar. This will take you into your profile. Once in there you will see the pm notification.

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Sprint Social Care

Sprint Social Care
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