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Other Options, missed early upgrade promo


Other Options, missed early upgrade promo

For the past 2 nights Ive been searching the forum for answers!! PLEASE HELP. I need to know what my options are for upgrading.

The closest I've come is finding out that Im a month late for the Dec corp promo that allowed ppl to re-sign new agreement and cancel out of contract. I am quite disappointed that I missed out on that, and now Im stuck?! Anyone have any tips or insight of how I can get out of my current contract (abt 5 months away from ending, yes Im impatient and don't want to wait) So can take advantage of upgrade rates on phones

Ive even looked into google voice to port my current phone # then re-sign and port back in, but seems as though I'll still need ot give out that new phone number for mms. Seems like a hassle. All I want to do is get this phone out of this contract, but keep the number. If no solution, I guess Ill have to start looking into other carriers which I'd hate to do. Sprint and I have had a good 10yr run.


Other Options, missed early upgrade promo

The only override we can perform is 14 days before the upgrade date. You can also sell your phone to someone and just buy another on eBay or from an individual - there are not tricks or special offers available to change the upgrade date. I share your feelings but am eligible for upgrade - only problem is I wont want to wait 20 months for my next phone so I am postponing my upgrade to wait for a better phone to entice me. I usually end up buying a device on eBay every couple of years because upgrades don't happen fast enough. If you watch the auctions and research the sellers you can get a device at a reasonable price and save the upgrade for the next phone that catches your attention.



Other Options, missed early upgrade promo

Fon3Fox, Call Sprint and ask to speak to account services, Ask them if you can purchase a "Buy Up", Essentially what they will do is let you pay $5 less your ETF and allow you to purchase a new phone at new customer pricing. At 5 months your ETF is $50.

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