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Out of network sms sending problems?


Out of network sms sending problems?

I know we're aware of out of network sms receiving problems that people have been having, but has anyone experienced any delay in sending out of network? I have been having very intermittent issues recently (since July 4th, approximately) with messages not arriving at my friends' phones for 12+ hours - some go right through, and some take forever. In addition, they are getting bursts of old messages, too.

I recently did the Google Voice integration (option 2) if that is of any concern.

I tried chatting with a CSR online, but that was completely useless. Thanks in advance if you can provide any information!

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Out of network sms sending problems?

When you state out of network do you mean intercarrier messaging?  Out of network can also be a phrase for roaming so I wanted to confirm your issue.  Also there is a great forum for Google Voice and they do have moderators etc that can pinpoint issues.  The configuration of Google Voice is not viewable on our end.

Hope this helps - I will monitor your reply


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