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very angry and upset about the battery on my samsung galaxy s 2 swelling up!! it started swelling up about three months ago while i was still under the manufacturer's one year warrant. i broughtmy phone into sprint at least 4 times during the last three months and they kept telling me that nothing was wrong with it!! they said it was my charger. i ended up having to buy four chargers!! i am very ****** and do not think i will be renewing my contract with sprint when my contract is done. i called samsung to find out they were recalling the battery but that they wont do nothing for my situation because i my one year warranty was done two weeks ago!! i called sprint right after to complain about the service i had recieved to find out they wont do anything for me either!! so they are basically telling me that it is my fault i waiting until after my warranty was over to call samsung, and sprint refused to take responsibility for it too. i took my phone in and asked for help from people who are trained in the cell phone industry and they kept telling me nothing was wrong!! WORD OF ADVICE SPRINT, TRAIN YOUR PEOPLE BETTER CAUSE YOU WILL BE LOSING QUITE A BIT OF CUSTOMERS!! SPECIALLY THE TEAM YOU HAVE AT THE SPRINT STORE LOCATED IN SHAKOPEE, MN. in the last three almost four months i have spent $100 on chargers when it was the battery that malfunctioned. now i have to buy a battery and I AM ALSO PAYING A MONTHLY BILL FOR A PHONE THAT I CAN NOT USE!! SPRINT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE SHITTIEST I HAVE EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH! then i find out my husband's cousin's phone which is the same as mine did the same thing and she got the same service i did at the same SHAKOPEE, MN SPRINT STORE. end of rant.

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