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I have been calling customer service regarding my phone service since the day I purchased my phone and obtained new service.  Tickets have been opened and closed with no resolution,  other than I must wait until April 2013 until Sprint updates their towers.   It is not fair to me that I must continue to pay almost $100 monthly but am unable to receive all my phone calls or the calls are dropped.  Text messages going through when they feel like it and not being able to go on the Internet unless I'm connected to my wifi.  I am sure you wouldn't be happy if you were having these issues with your phone service.

I purchased the sprint 4g lte,  it was changed... Since I was told at that time it was my telephone.  Well then I had to change it again because I was told since the was no lte service in my area that this was why I was having issues with my service.  Now the third phone I have is a epic 4g, this is also the phone I had before I switched to sprint.... With no problems I might add.  But of course now I am being told that there are issues with the towers.  On November 8th I was told problem would be solved by the 9th. Of course it wasn't. Then I received a call on the 15th saying it would be fixed by the 16th.  I was given a supervisors number and of course he could not be reached nor did he return my calls or emails.  Don Pittaro 916-668-5184. I have been and will continue to take screen shots as proof of the poor service.  Logged phone calls and ticket numbers from and to sprint.  With no satisfaction!  I have filed complaints online with sprint and received an airave,  which means my service only works when I'm at home.... But all the other times,  when I need my phone and use it the most I have no service!!!!!!

I will be filing complaints... Posting everywhere I can to be sure no one purchases sprint service.  I will get my business partners and affiliates to do the same... Since sprint doesn't care about their customers why shouldn't I.  I have never had a company just not care... Yet you want your money every month. 

Thank you. This is not the last time you will be hearing from me,  but I can guarantee you will not be getting new customers if I have anything to do with it!



Hi GinaC219, thanks for reaching out to us. I'm very sorry to hear about how your service has been lately.

We'd be pleased to try and help you with your issue. Please email us at Include your name, Sprint phone number, security information (PIN or security question answer), your Sprint Community name, and a briefing of the issue. We can communicate with you directly. Thanks!


Giovanni R.

Sprint Social Care Team

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