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Phone junk - customer service wont help!


Phone junk - customer service wont help!

I bought an expensive HTC EVO Shift in February. As soon as I purchased it I returned to my Sprint store twice becaue it was broken. They said they "fixed" it. They didnt. I moved from Ohio to Arizona and took it to a Sprint store here in Arizona. They said they "fixed" it. I have called customer support 8 times. Funny one ever has any record of all of this. The last time I called I asked how much to get out of my contract. I would rather pay $170 and switch carriers than to have to pay any money at all to have a phone that has not worked since day one fixed! EVERY single call hangs up. If it does not hang up, it automatically starts calling someone (never know who!) as in a  conference call. It does not automatically "shut off" like they say it does when you are talking. The last time I called customer service, it hung up on them and randomly beeped constantly. Even with proof I was told that "My face is too sensitive"!!! Is that a compliment??? They want $35 just to look at it and $35 to fix it. Again, I don't think I should pay a dime for a phone that has not worked since day one. Customer service said I should of had it fixed in the first 30 days. I TRIED!!! I have been trying for EIGHT months now!!! My son worked on a ship and it hangs up on hime every time he calls me from his ship. He is getting deployed to Afghanistan in December. I WILL NOT have it drop his call when he calls home from there so I am forced to cancel my Sprint account and take my business elsewhere. I have been a customer for many, many years and have NEVER been late on a bill that is over $150 each month. Isn't there anyone higher up I can get to resolve this problem besides dealing with customer service or the stores??? This is ridiculous. I have tried constantly for 8 months to get this resolved. They either don't believe me or don't believe there is anything wrong with the device. (Like I dont have better things to do!) If they would look at my call records they would see that every single call, is repeated several times from me calling them back or them calling me back. It does not shut off when you hold it up to your face. It hangs up, mutes, speaker comes on, dials another number....anything that my "sensitive" face touches!!! Does anyone else have this sensitivity problem with their phone?


Re: Phone junk - customer service wont help!

sometimes my wife will have "sensitive face" issues, but nothing as bad as what you are experiencing. Maybe the temperature of your body is slightly higher then the normal humans or you are pressing the phone to your face too hard or not hard enough! jklol.  now that i think about it though, try to press the phone more firmly to your face and see if it still happens.  it has a sensor that recognizes when users put the phone to their face to talk on it in traditional fashion. im not sure how it senses that, light? touch? combo?, but it would be good to rule it out if you havent tried it.  I know that has to feel horrible losing a call from your son like that, especially with him being away and about the go to war, God bless him.   When he calls put the phone on speaker and set it down!  Now, if sprint says the phone is working i would def go ahead and add TEP to the line  September is open enrollment and you can add it until the end of the month, normally it has to be added within the first 30 days. Then call care and have an E-ticket created, that way there is written documentation of the tech issue.  If it keeps happening and they replace it 3 times in a 6 month period you should be able to get a comparable but different model phone (not 100% on the time and replacements, but I think you would have a good arguement in this case)  For 8 bucks a month you can take the phone it for repair whenever and as much as you want without the 35.00 charge.  Another thing you could try is calling LG.  The phone has a 1 year manufacturer's warranty (again not sure what that means exactly but its there).  they may be able to help with getting it fixed or replacing it at no cost.  Im not sure what all that would entail, but you probably would be without the optimus for a little while.  Sprint is the service provider; they dont produce these devices.  Their techs are pretty knowledgeable about most things, but sometimes you have to go to the source. Think about it like a car,  a local or privately run mechanice is not going to be as aware or as up to date on all the recalls, service announcements, or known issues like the dealership repair shop will be.  Anyway hope it works out for you! gl

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