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Phones dont work, customer service hangs up on me...what next?


Phones dont work, customer service hangs up on me...what next?

I have been a sprint customer for over 11 years. I have dealt with customer service more than once.There is a line on my account that has had nothing but lemon phones. They have all been Android. The Photon was replaced with an HTC phone that is a step down from the Evo 4G. Now, the HTC phone is shutting off and turning on by itself and its dropping calls and text messages arent being received. I tried calling customer care and they said that I would have to send in the phone and they would replace it with the exact same thing. The person who holds this line is looking for work and cant be without his phone for 3 days while sprint sends the exac t same crap phone replacement. I went through this already with another line and had to remove that line from the account. I don't want to have to completely cancel my account and pay obnoxious cancellation fees and lose the phone numbers nor do I want to pay to get a full price no contract phone nor do I want to get the same pos in return. Cell service is already sub par and now Customer service management is unwilling to flex a little for a veteran customer? Im one hundred percent positive that Dan Hesse wouldn't appreciate such travesties. I am lost at what to do from here. I leanmore and more towards cancellation since apparently no matter which option I choose,  have to spend MORE money. So disappointing. Is there an option that I am missing or is there an option that I can use? Please help!


Re: Phones dont work, customer service hangs up on me...what next?

You went from a Photon to an HTC less than an Evo? what model of HTC?

Do you not have a backup phone that user can use while waiting for their replacement? Anything at all?

Maybe you can do an early upgrade and go high end phone (GS3)..or buy something like a nice used Galaxy S2 for $130 and just be done with low end phones and into a mid-line phone.

Re: Phones dont work, customer service hangs up on me...what next?

It's the HTC Design. The phone has random voicemails and text messages don't show up plus it turns itself on an off. This has been my experience with all android phones. To be honest, I wish a Sprint Rep on here would take care of this instead of calling Customer Support. They all seem to not give a rats ass about the customer. At this point, I am in between a rock and a hard place. One way or another, vendors that Sprint sell, are not responsible for this and Sprint will only fix it with more money being spent. Unacceptable business model.

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