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Poor Customer Service when speaking to Supervisor


Poor Customer Service when speaking to Supervisor

I was looking into cancelling my contract, due to moving in with my boyfriend being added to his plan. I found out instead I could be put on a seasonal hold until I could find someone to take over my contract for me which would be PERFECT since I had some friends moving to the states in a couple of weeks who needed cellphone service as soon as they landed. I informed the representative of this who told me that this would be good, I could avoid a cancellation fee and all I would have to do is pay my last full payment for the services I was currently using and after, they should shut off my services COMPLETELY and I would pay somewhere around $10 a month. I was very happy with this, considering I would only need it to be on hold for a month or two until my friend could take it over and I could save some money and help her out. A total win-win scenario.

Well, I logged into my sprint account the next month to pay my small fee and sprint wants their usual payment of almost $100. Since talking to the gentlemen on the phone that evening the last month, I hadn't used my phone at all, not even to so much as check the time. Being a disabled woman, I can't afford to pay for services I'm not using. So, I called Sprint and spoke to a representative who connected me to the proper department. I spoke to a woman who was very short and rude, who didn't seem at all interested in helping me reverse the charges. I asked to speak to the supervisor. I ended up waiting on hold for somewhere around 10 to 15 minutes, when a man finally answered the phone and summed up my problem. He pretty much told me that I was bound by legal contract to pay them what I owed them (my usual cost) and that in my notes in their computer, it didn't say I wanted to be put on seasonal hold, it said that I was keeping my services until I could find someone to take over my contract (A LIE! How is it my fault their information is wrong? I've been on the phone with them MULTIPLE TIMES these last few weeks..) and that I was paying the full amount, regardless or I wouldn't be able to hand over my contract.

So my question is, what can I do to get more help? Is there really nothing else I can do to get these charges reversed? I didn't use any minutes, no data, texts, etc. How is it possible to not have these charges reversed? This is the first time I've had a big problem with Sprint. I've always had a pretty good track record with this company and I had originally thought that if anything went wrong and I needed services again, Sprint would be where I would go.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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