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Poor Service


Poor Service

Just want to see if anyone else had experienced a similar issue and what can be done?

I purchased a HTC Shift on April 7th for my wife. On that same day, the phone began to freeze up. She was unable to make or recieve call and the same with texts. She carried the phone back in the same day and they did a "hard reset. Shortly after, the phone began to do the same thing. She could place a call, it would show as being connected, but then she couldnt hear and the person on the other end couldnt hear her. Couldnt send or recieve text and the phone would completly freeze. She carried it back in on May 2nd. Keep in mind, the 30 day return policy. May 2nd was within that. The repair people in our local store, told her that they were going to replace her phone with a new one. They took it in the back, and 3 hours later brought her out the phone. Bad thing was, the sales rep gave her the exact same phone back that they supposedly just transfered her contacts and pics from. Once she got back home and called into Sprint, they compared serial numbers and the store had in fact gave her the old phone instead of the new. She went back in the next day and they spent another 3 hours transfering the stuff that was supposed to be done the day prior. Then they reassured her that the problem was fixed.  A couple days ago the new phone started doing the same thing.Today was May 9th, which is outside the 30 day window, and she carried the phoen back in. The only thing Sprint will do is give here a refurbished replacement. I went back to the store, was told by a sales rep that the only person that could help was the manager. He was gone for the day and doesnt work again for 2 more days. I left, called customer service, was transferred from one person two another, had 2 supervisors on the phone, then a manager. Not sure what the difference was, but thats what I was told. They said this was unacceptable and I was reassured that the issue would be resolved, after about a half hour of being placed on hold, asked questions in between, I was tranferred to account services. This went nowhere, and now I am getting a refurbished phone for a new one that cost $450. We would have got a different phone on the 2nd when we went back in but was promised by the sales rep that the new phone would take care of the problem.

Is there anything I can do? I dont want the HTC Shift again. I want a different type of phone, of equal or lesser value. As long as it works, just not a refurbished phone to take the place of a week old phone.


Poor Service

I doubt that there are Refurbished Shifts available and it is very likely you will receive a NEW handset. Our scripting says you MAY receive a refurbished handset and both the EVO and SHIFT shipments I have helped with have been NEW devices.  You can type ##786# on the handset and see " Reconditioned status" when you receive the handset. I apologize this was not handled properly at the store level and know my reply can't change what occurred.  I do want to offer some support and will monitor any additional comments to your post.



Poor Service

Thanks Larry. I have been with Sprint for mant years and this is honestly the first problem I have had. We'll see what happens I guess.

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