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Preorder customer service nightmare


Preorder customer service nightmare

I guess this is really more of a story than a question, since I've essentially been told Sprint doesn't care about solving this problem. 

On Friday night, I spent around three hours trying to preorder 256GB iPhone 7s to replace both phones on my account.  Online advertised price for 18 month lease, $200 upfront, $20.84 per month (the promotion was Get a 256GB for the Price of a 128GB).  But the website wouldn't let me upgrade one of the two phones, first citing technical difficulties, then removing that upgrade from my cart because they couldn't retrieve my credit score (current customer, and the problem only related to one of my phones).  A long battle with Live Chat ensued, in which they had me repeat the process that wasn't working several times.  The website (and Live Chat) told me to call Telesales, so I did, and when they finally answered, they could do the upgrade - for $26.39 per month (per phone).  They insisted they couldn't do the lower online price.  So they forwarded me to another CSR, who told me Telesales could definitely give me the online price and transferred me back to them, where I waited on hold for another hour.  Then Telesales again told me they couldn't give me the online price.  We tried to call back the person who said they could, but that department was closed.  So Telesales gave me the number to Retention and told me I could call them Saturday morning.

I did call Retention on Saturday morning, because I am an optimist or glutton for punishment.  The woman there said she never heard of anything like my online problem, and we should call Telesales.  After waiting on hold for a little while, I asked her to just see if she could solve my problem and call me back.  She promised to call me back that day (Saturday).  We even talked about a possible credit to my account, as an apology for my trouble.  I checked my phone periodically, like an idiot, but of course she never called back.

Meanwhile, I was talking with Sprint on Facebook, and about 36 hours after I started complaining there, I got a message back asking if I had gotten a call back from Retention.  I said I hadn't.  Now maybe we're getting somewhere, I thought, although I had given that person my phone number and PIN, so it seemed like he might be able to see in my account that I hadn't been called back.

Then Sprint called me, on Monday afternoon!  And asked me to wait on hold while we called Telesales together.  Unbelievably, I waited on hold with him for several minutes before realizing I had already learned this lesson.  I asked him to solve the problem and call me back, and he assured me he would.  Of course, he didn't, but this time I wasn't even disappointed because I didn't expect him to.

This morning, I found that the online promotion (256GB for the Price of 128GB!) was no longer available.  My Sprint Facebook buddy apologized for not calling me back, then told me I should call Telesales.  When I said that sounded like a pretty dumb thing for me to do, given my experience, he suggested that I contact a Sprint store.  I observed that going to the store also seemed like a bad idea.  In response to repeated requests for a customer complaint e-mail, he said Sprint doesn't have one.  Then he asked whether I could provide proof of the online promotion. 

That's right - the end of this story is a Sprint customer service representative, on Facebook, asking me to prove to Sprint that it was offering an 18 month lease on a 256GB iPhone 7 for $200 down, $20.84 per month, as recently as yesterday.  I marked this discussion as a question, so I guess I'll ask one - why would anyone remain a Sprint customer after having been treated like this? 

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