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Problem with Samsung 50% 0ff Promotion


Problem with Samsung 50% 0ff Promotion

Hello Sprint, my family and I have been a customer since 2005.  August 30th, 2017 I increased my family plan from 3 lines to 6 lines, adding two Apple IPhones and one Samsung Galaxy S8.  I received the buy one get one free promo for the Apple phones and since I had added the new lines I was told I would receive the 50% off promotion since I was purchasing a Samsung S8.  This was on August 30th.  I called in November to see why I had not received the promotion yet and was told it would take a few months to show up on my bill, they stated it would be December when it would show up.  I just called this morning, Thursday, February 22nd and was told by customer service that there is not any promotion showing up for adding the new line and the S8. 


Not only was it terrible just trying to transfer two "NEW" customers from AT&T to my Sprint family plan, I had to return to the Rolling Meadows, IL store three times not including my initial visit, just to try and straighten that out, which finally was taken care of after 2 months of really wondering why I am still with Sprint.  Now I am still dealing with that initial purchase / change since I cannot seem to get what was promised to me. 


I would also like to mention that I was originally on the All Data Family plan and was loving it, I could add lines with no issues, when I added my recently married wife and daughter I was told I would have to switch to the Unlimited Freedom plan, ever since then Sprint has been a nightmare regarding billing and keeping promises fulfilled.  I am ready to pay to the cancellation fees and move to AT&T, my wife and daughter loved them, all I have to show for bringing them to Sprint is a larger monthly bill and total embarrassment. 


I would like to receive what was stated I would receive, the 50% off my Samsung Galaxy S8, now please.


James Upshaw

Sprint Social Care

Re: Problem with Samsung 50% 0ff Promotion

Hi James, let's access the account and see how this can be resolved. I just sent you a Private Message, please reply back at your earliest convenience.



Sprint Social Care
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