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Problems With Evo 4G... Sprint Was Awesome.


Problems With Evo 4G... Sprint Was Awesome.

Hey Guys,

I recently had a ton of problems with my HTC Evo 4G.

The charger always read as a USB, causing a 'trickle charge,' no matter the charger, be it car charger, AC charger, etc. I contacted Sprint, and they told me it was most likely a bad port, but they couldn't say much over the phone, and to get it in to a repair center. Now, I work retail, so this time of year leaves me very little time to go and get repairs.. And sure enough, about a week later, my Evo began to power cycle randomly, freezing for 15-20 minutes at a time. The phone could not be turned off, or it wouldn't come back on. If by some miracle, you managed to make it cycle on without removing the battery and resetting it, it would freeze for, as mentioned, between 15-20 minutes. I went to bed Saturday, and woke up Sunday, and the battery was at about 25%. I figured my dog had bumped it, and let it go. I went to bed Sunday, and when I woke on Monday, the phone was completely dead, and wouldn't read a single one of the five chargers I attempted. At that point, I could no longer power the phone on.

I went to my local repair center, and the awesome tech took the screws from the back, checked to make sure my water marks were good, and that my port was still connected, which it was.

She then attempted to charge my battery, while I ran a few other errands. I came back about two hours later, and the battery had only gained about 5% of life, if that. I powered on to make a phone call, and it began flashing the HTC logo, then died. Again, it would not charge. After managing to turn the phone on for a few seconds, I noticed I was missing a ton of apps. The tech described this as, 'Full System Failure.'

She put in an order for my new Evo, and actually ordered the Evo 3D for me at no extra cost. I didn't pay a single dime for my replacement, and the tech was beyond helpful. I have dealt with Sprint on multiple occasions, and I have had people be rude to me, people hang up on me, and people outright ignore me.

This is the first case of leaving a Sprint store where I can actually say that I am one-thousand percent happy with the service I receieved.

I cannot wait until I recieve my replacement phone.

This time, Sprint.. I can say, Good Job.

If half your techs and reps were this courteous and helpful, half the people making complaints here would have nothing to say.

Thank You!


Problems With Evo 4G... Sprint Was Awesome.

lol, replacing a broken product should be standard procedure, not something they should be praised for.

I'm glad you are having a good experience though!    

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