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Problems with Sprint Phone Connect


Problems with Sprint Phone Connect

Long time Sprint customer.  Got Sprint Phone Connect a couple of months ago to replace my land line.  Many initial problems just getting it set up.  Online service could not help.  Had to go back to store, and still took over 2 hours to get working.  Finally got working, but call quality bad.  Got new phone thinking that would make it work better.  Finally had enough, but can't get rid of it without paying $200 termination fee.  Even though this product is terrible.  Don't get this product until they have had time to work out the bugs.  By the way, I was waiting on transfer to higher authority when phone call terminated.  They never called back even though I gave them a number to call in case that happened.  VERY UNHAPPY WITH SPRINT.  I WILL SWITCH WHEN PLANS END.


I have one and use it at least 4-5 hours a day without any issue. What call quality issues are you having?

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