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Psychic chat on


Psychic chat on

I was posting a request through the "Contact" page on to see if I could get an Airave to improve signal quality in my house. We spend a lot of time in our basement family room, and my phones don't work very well down there. That's understandable, since my basement is essentially a concrete and steel hole in the ground.

Just after I hit send on the online email page, a chat window popped up. What? Who? How did he know? Spooky. Anyway, the guy asked how he could help me, and when I explained I just sent an email, he transferred me to the tech support group for Airave devices. The guy there, Kristopher, hooked me up with a device, and it'll be here in about 5-10 days. Coverage problem solved. Now I have to figure out how they read my mind.


Re: Psychic chat on

Hi mavka, thanks for posting. It does sound kind of strange that we knew what to do for you upon your reaching out to us (I'm hoping this is part of our customer service improvement!). In any case, please reach out to us again in case you need anything else. Thanks and Happy Holidays!


Giovanni R.

Sprint Social Care Team


Re: Psychic chat on

Yea, I was really happy with the service online. My problem was solved a whole lot faster than I thought. Going to a store, calling on the phone, sending an email -- all that would have taken hours or days. Very impressive.

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