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RE : Extra charges

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RE : Extra charges


To whom it may concern:

I got my bils today and I was surprise about the extra charges that I've got.  I'm trying to meet both ends and in transferring to your company , I was thinking that I can save.  I need somebody to help me remove some extra charges on my account.

The ff: item that I am disputing and if you could take it out from our account effective 06/21/2012 coz I won't be able to continue paying every month for this amount. 

***          650-315-8741   ****

1.  ClickGen : Alerts - 40927 TxtClipSave                          -                  $9.99

2.  Game Theory : Alerts - 29192 Psychicalts                    -                  $9.99

3.  Mobile Plus Inc. : Alerts -  35292 Lolalts                      -                   $9.99

4.  Remo Media : Multi media - 70183 ilikeringtones          -                   $9.99

*****         650-315-8743   ******

1.  Game Theory : Alerts 29192 Psychicalts                     -                   $9.99

Thank you for your prompt attention regarding this matter

Sincerely yours:

Jocelyn Sumalde


Re: RE : Extra charges

My wife's phone has the Mobile Plus Inc. on her bill for her number.  She remember putting her phone number in for "conformation" for a job application.  Then she received a text stating that she is going to be charged 9.99 for something.  Hers happened on 6/13 while she was applying for jobs.  I see you have multiple numbers.  Idea where to start would be to talk to the person that owns the number that ends in 8741 and see if they received a text like what she received and then go from there.

Lastly these charges are not from Sprint they are from usage on the phone.  I recieved these charges on a bill before when wife and I was with ATT and the same thing happened.  She put her number in something and it charged us 9.99 then too.  You might be able to call Sprint customer service and dispute these charges.  I did the same thing with ATT and they removed it so Sprint (the number one in customer service) should do the same.  I plan on calling.

Good luck!


Sprint customer for 1 year.


Re: RE : Extra charges

Based on the information provided in the OP  the charges are for Premium text message subscriptions.  These are subscribed to from the device and must be agreed to by the the user.   The initial offering can be made from a web page where you asked for their service and they sent a text message to the phone to which the user had to reply  that the service was requested.   To have these services removed  you can text opt out or stop to the short code  which is the six digit number in the billing information or you can call customer care at 1-888-211-4727

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