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Received Bad Customer Service at Sprint Store


Received Bad Customer Service at Sprint Store

My brother decided to get his a new plan with Sprint and gave my Fiance his Motorola Phonton. Today, Friday 1/27 about 5:45pm, we went to switch over phones. I also had to switch my mom's phone as well, who is on my plan. We walked inside the store and the receptionist was talking to another customer. I stood there. The assistant manager was talking to another employee. Finally in 2 mins, the assistant manager noticed me and asked me what I needed help with. I told him that I needed to swap phones and if I can do that (which I have in the past). He asked me what kind of phones did I have. So, I had to show him the phones at the front door. So I was switching my Fiance's Blackberry for the Phonton and a flip phone for my mom. He then told us to go to the register and he looked at the phones physically. Nothing was wrong with them, so I didn't understand what he was doing. He took them to the back, where they fixed phones. When I switched phones in the past, they did it by the register without any problems.

So, we waited and waited. I went to look at the phone cases with my brother and Fiance. A person walked in, who I think was an associate, not in uniform started talking to other associates there and walked into the employee room. When the employee door opened, I peeked in to see why it was taking so long, the assistant manager was standing with associates and the non-uniformed person conversating. I was wondering, what the heck is taking so long to switch phone, because nothing is wrong with it. Then, the assistant manager came out, not even saying a word to me with the non-uniform person and they just continued talking on the other side on the store.

I went back to the register and stood there, hoping that the assistant manager would say something when he comes over or sees me. When he came to the register, I asked, "Why is it taking so long to swap phones?" And he said, "Oh, who's helping you?" I was shocked, even my Fiance heard it and he was sitting down at least 2ft away, I said, "Um, you." I was getting very annoyed with him, because this is the second time he has helped me and he was not helpful. He even forgot that he had a customer. How can you be forgetful and forget about your customer and go blabber to another associate as if you have no responsibility. He then said, "Oh, well the system seems to be down, also up here at the register. I'm sorry I didn't tell you that." He didn't even attempt to switch the phone at the register and he didn't let me know that I had to wait for my phone. I was even more frustrated, because I had no clue how long I had to wait. So, we waited again.

Customers came in, there were a line. Two assiciates were at the registers and another one by the receptionist check in area helping customers. There were two people fixing phones, with two more associates in there horsing around. The assistant manager and other associates in the back room. I believe at least two customers left because they were not provided service. There were customers that were looking for associates to help them, but no help was there. It is either, everyone is on break, not enough employees, or everyone just didn't want to help customers. One customer came in for her phone and asked an associate walking around and he just looked at her like he was confused and had no clue what to say or do.

I have had previous bad customer experience here at this particular spring store at: 2303 White Bear Ave N, Maplewood, MN 55109

They need to get their act together. My plan for my two lines are ending this year in October and I have thought about switching carriers. I have been with Sprint since 2009 and paid my bills on time. I tried not to go into the stores because of some bad experience, especially with the assistant manager. There were some good employees in the past, but what happened to them? I even thought that maybe I should ask for my phone back and get it switched at best buy, that was how bad it was.

Finally, the assistant manager came out. He said he got the flip phone switched, but somehow the Phonton would not switch over. He didn't even have it turned on. We left about 6:30pm when he assured that the Phonton was switched over. I was very disappointed. I just hoped all the customers that came in after me got help or the assistance they needed.

Is this how they swap phone now?


Received Bad Customer Service at Sprint Store

klk041905, my apologies for your recent experience at our Sprint store. I assure you this is not how we define good customer service. It looks as though this situation has already been reported using the address you provided. I would like for this to be acknowledged to improve the customer experience. In the future, for your convenience and to save you a trip, you can always swap devices here online The other option is to call in to care at 888) 211-4727. Again, my apologies for the service your received but I am happy to know that you were able to get your devices activated. Thank you for being a Sprint customer.



Received Bad Customer Service at Sprint Store

Thanks, but no one told me that I can swap phones online or at customer service care. So thanks for informing me that. I will do that next time so I won't have to deal with rude customer service at the stores.


Received Bad Customer Service at Sprint Store

I am sorry you had such a poor experience at a store. I will send this on to my contacts here at corporate headquarters for investigation. Please private message the names of the people involved if at all possible.



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