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Recent Sprint ebill phishing scheme


Recent Sprint ebill phishing scheme

Sprint is currently investigating a phishing scheme involving a bogus email disguised as a Sprint ebill (online bill) notification.

These emails are being sent to both Sprint and non-Sprint customers and will look like they have come from Sprint.

The phony emails will notify the customer of an unusually high balance due.  Anyone who receives an email of this nature should not click on any links in the email and delete the email immediately. Please keep in mind that these types of phishing schemes can resemble various service providers, not just Sprint.  

The Federal Trade Commission offers additional tips on how consumers can protect themselves from these types of schemes. Please read “How Not to Get Hooked by a ‘Phishing’ Scam”

If you think you've given out personal information about your Sprint account (such as your Sprint account number, online profile name, password, or PIN), or typed it into a website that may not be legitimate, you should immediately contact Sprint at 888-211-4727, dial * 2 from your mobile phone or contact us via Chat at

We will take steps to help you secure your account.

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