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Recovering a number called through 411


Recovering a number called through 411

So I asked this question a few weeks ago and didn't get one response, I'm hoping SOMEONE knows the answer.

If I call into 411, and have 411 connect me to another number, and later need to get that number again (for whatever reason), how would I go about figuring out what number 411 connected me to? It only shows up as a 411 call on both and the bill, and Idk if 411 keeps that info.

Asking this question for a friend, so I don't have all the details.


Recovering a number called through 411

Sorry for the problem.  When you make a call thru 411 the number is not captured by  your call log becasue you are forwared from 411.   If you are not given the number called  there is no way t o retireve it.    What can be done is to look up the number on the internet using  a site like   These sites are normally free


Recovering a number called through 411

I believe the 411 also asks if you want a text sent to your phone as well. This way, you will have the number for later. Here is the support article about it.

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