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Replacement Phone

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Replacement Phone

My phone hasn't been working properly, the screen continues to lock by itself, it shuts off out of nowhere, and many other problems and difficulties continue to happen. Is there a way I can get a replacement phone? Is there is certain number I have to call or do I have to go to the Sprint store?


Replacement Phone

call asuria at 800-584-3666


Replacement Phone

Go to a Sprint Authorized Repair Center and your device can be serviced under warranty for no charge if you have Total Equipment Protection.

If your device has any type of physical or liquid damage then you call Asurion if you have the Total Equipment Protection - you will have a deductible for them to replace the device.



Replacement Phone

ok, but i have another question and this will cause that me and my wife go to ATT, we got a bb8350i, my phone has be replaced like 5 times by TEP always having problems, the last replacement was on june 2011 and now again im having problems, my phone is not charging i went to sprint repair center and their guys told that i need to call asurion because the part is broken. thats not my fault my phone is almost new and is supposed to have one year of warranty, now they want that i pay $100 deductible when i can pay this for my long expected upgrade!!!

thats insane, they may replace my phone because im paying TEP or at least give some options not taking my money just cause they want

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