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Return of leased phone!


Return of leased phone!

FYI, I recommend nobody choose to return their phone through a shipment. You need to return it at the Sprint store. I confirmed my phone was received back in September! Yet I'm still waiting for my credit! I've left countless messages and all I get is that it's under review! Their service is [inappropriate word removed] and they don't even care that they are putting me in a bind. After our contracts are up I'm done with Sprint for good!!

Sprint Employee

Good morning ButterflyMegan

t is very concerning to read this type of feedback. We understand that you are upset. The return process should have never taken this long. Please accept our apologies. Allow us to review your account.

We sent you a Private Message, please reply to it at your earliest convenience.

To access to your private messages, click on your name or avatar. This will take you into your profile. Once in there you will see the private message notification. If you're posting from a phone/mobile device, once on this site and logged in, go into your browsers settings and change it to full site mode/desktop mode. Once the site changes, follow the steps above.


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