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I've had Sprint since 2004 and I swear as time goes on it just gets worse. We lived in North Carolina and I did not get service very much where we lived. We moved to Maryland last June and I don't get anything. I've missed important phone calls and text messages from employers, my children's school, and family. My husband gets service with his iPhone but this Google Nexus I get nothing. It is slower than anything. They won't let me upgrade to a new phone, because our contract is up in December. Well, I can, but I have to pay $225, which is ridiculous. I am looking into other service providers, because Sprint has been going downhill for the longest time. I am paying for insurance that I still have to pay a deductible with and it is ridiculous. I barely use my phone because it is horrible service and if I can connect to someone it is always dropped. Friends and family stopped calling or texting me, because it takes me at least 5 days to get the text messages. When I'm on the baseball or soccer field I can't even check my customers emails because it is so slow. I stopped downloading things on my phone, because I will be waiting a month to have it completed. Just horrible. I'm not paying $225 for a new phone when I can cancel my contract for $175 and save myself the $50.

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