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SOLUTION: Sprint Hub Issue


SOLUTION: Sprint Hub Issue

    I have been a loyal sprint customer for about 17 years now. I have upgraded my phone like most about every two years. I have just had a horrific experience this year trying to upgrade to the Note9 from the SGS8Plus and my wife from the i7Plus to the iX. I started last night at about 11 pm with a phone call to customer service who switched me to the order department. I asked for the phones I wanted he was helpful in getting me the information asked for. When it came time to pay for the phones or lease them as I was doing, the Sales Rep informed me I would have to pay an upgrade fee shipping and handling. I explained I have never paid for these things is this something new? I informed him I have purchased many phones in the past and have never paid any of these things please check your records. He said it is not a new thing and didn't know why I never paid before. He was told by some manger to waive the fees all but shipping and I agreed we went on. I asked for a plan changed now that we had the phones taken care of, he placed me on hold to research this possibility got back on the phone and told me that the system was down and that he would call back. He said he would call in 15min or sooner if it came up. The phone call never came so 45 min on the phone and nothing was done not even notes put in the system. The date was 8/10/2018. Today 8/11/2018 My second call to sprint to get new phones. The time was 1:00 pm afternoon EST. I spoke with the sales Rep informed her of the issue and the Rep immediately apologized for the inconvenience. We went to plan first which she quickly took care of then I went on to phones. I order mine then my wife's phone. The rep explained everything then paused and informed me that my wife phone which is the iP7plus was on the iPhone 4-ever plan and she would have to complete her contract before purchasing a new phone. I told her I was not informed of any additional cost last night. The phone should have been ordered last night as we completed that before I asked about the plan. She said the system showed she would have to pay. I asked her to speak with someone to get a clear explanation if she did not know the why. She placed me on hold and the call was cut off again with no returned call. I did not speak to her harshly so I do not know why she did not at least try to call back. Once again my phones are not ordered and I have to start over. that call lasted 35 min. 

Call three spoke with another young man and had to go through the entire process again of ordering the phones and explaining what had happened. He immediately got to work ordering the phones and informed me this time that it was my phone that I need to pay the extra amount. I stated to him "Just to be clear you are saying that I have to pay for the rest of my contract on the S8Plus before I can upgrade?" He said the computer would not let me get the phone without paying. I said, well what is the purpose of the Samsung galaxy for 4 ever plan then? His response was to again place me on hold while they researched this problem. I waited. When he returned he confirmed that the S*Plus was the one that had to be paid in order to upgrade.  I knew this was not right and informed him I was getting off the phone. I did tell him before hanging up that I had been a customer for 17 years and this was the most difficult time I have ever had purchasing phones. I received a call back from a sales rep I have previously spoken with around 3:45 he informed me that the other sales rep was mistaken and that my wife phone again was the one which had to be paid for because she had not reached the maturity of her 18-month contract. I informed him at this point I don't know what to believe and I am truly thinking of switching to another carrier and service. They will give me the phones for free and pay to get me out of the contract I'm in now. I won't pay for anything but activation fees. I don't like to feel as though someone is confusing me on purpose. I am an African American male I speak American English much like the people I have spoken with on the phone. I must tell you everyone I spoke with had a very thick accent on the phone which made it hard to understand all the information they had to say and very frustrating for them and me when I kept asking for them to repeat what was said. I was very respectful of them and they of me. I need a resolution to this situation but I will not call back again. I will wait for someone to contact me from Sprint if they want to continue our relationship of 17 years. If no one does I will move to another company. 


D. Nevels 

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Re: SOLUTION: Sprint Hub Issue

Sounds like you've been dragged through the briar patch. I know how tough it can be to getting through a language barrier and would hate to see you leave over a missunderstanding. I sent you a PM so I can see what is going on.


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