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I am a sailor in the navy, currently on north island navy navy base CA. I am currently using SPRINTMILITARYSERVICES DSL connection. It is 50$ per month. I had to wait 30 days just to get it installed. I was promised 3mbs download and am currently paying more for a higher speed.

I have, and currently getting, around 100-200 kbs download and around 700-900 ms. The ms ping in from my command prompt in windows pinging /ping We can agree that is horrible. Now you ask why do I pay for this? It is because it is the only internet on north island for saliors who just got

off deployment. Now I have tried to call our sprint office north island (619-908-6517) daily many times for the past few weeks sense I had it installed and no one ever awnsers or returns messages, nor is the admin in his office durring bussiness hours. I have tried to call SPRINTMILITARYPONESERVERICES 1(800)908-2018 and I am just given the run around and given a call back number. I dont feel like anything is being done. I am being over-charged and my speed are slower than dial-up. I had to cancel my online colle age courses because of latency issues. SOMEONE, ANYONE, AN ADMIN PLEASE READ THIS! I need to get ahold of someone who will actually help me. I feel taken advantage of.

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