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Saying Goodbye To Sprint After 11 Years!!! Yayyyyya.


Saying Goodbye To Sprint After 11 Years!!! Yayyyyya.

After being a loyal sprint customer after 11 years, I decided today to say goodbye. Why now after being with them for soo long? Well, at some point enough is enough.

1. Charge me 10 bucks 4g WiMax service that does exist in my area. Premeium Data Charge but no Premeium Data. Than put up slow 4g tower. WTF.

2. 3g service is as slow as a snail crawling in salt

3. Full of crap customer service. Will tell you one thing and do another. Lie to you about a tower having trouble when your data speeds are slow. (Really just tell me the truth the tower is fixed now and I am still getting the same speed.)

4. Small phone selection

5. The new 4g LTE service is slower the other cell phone carriers 3g ("Speed test" it again one of friend that has another cell phone provider)

6. Changing the early termination fee 6 months after you signed your contract. I guess the customers are the only ones that have to hold up to the agreement.

7. Sprint tech store are the worst. You better bring a lunch because you are going to be there 4 to 6 hours minium

8. Takes long time customer perks away. You use to be able to upgrade you phone once a year if you been with them for a certain period of time but now they took it away along with serveral other perks.

9. Spint Management makes a lot of bad deals and guess who has to pay for it. The customer as always. for Example: over paying for the Iphone and WiMax which is self explainatory.

10. Last but not least they are always the last ones to roll out updates for their phones. Why is the question because you have a small selection so you would think that they should be able to keep up with it. smh.

So goodbye sprint this is one customer you will never get another dime from. 3 line to 0 lines.

Ooo one other thing.  I am switching 1853 company phones to your competittor. See you never really know who you are pissing off.


Sprint has the worst customer service I've ever seen.  ALl the perks are for new customers only.  I cant wait until my contract expires next summer so I can get out of here. They do make promises they dont keep.


I am sorry that you are leaving Sprint. I am also sorry you did not receive the service you wished at the store or over the phone.

In the list of reason there are some that are incorrect

#1 10 dollar charge for 4g   we do not charge extra f or the 4g service the premium data charge is for  all smart phones.  Orginally the only two smart phones that had this charge were the EVO and t he Epic.  In Jan 2011 it was applied to all smart phones 4g capable or not.

#4 Small phone selection.  We try to have a variety of phones  across a price range.   The only operating system this was not true of was the windows devices  we only had one.

#6 Changing the early termination fee.  Yes we did change it, but it did not change for existing contracts. I was only for advanced devices with new contracts.   Driven mainly by the amount of the subsidies on the devices. 

#8 The long time perk of upgrading every year was again driven by the cost of new devices and the amount of the subsidy t hat would be required.  The once a year upgrade was only for the primary line on the account not all lines

#10 always the last ones to rollout software  We were in fact the first company to rollout jelly bean to the Galaxy 3  Which is a device used by all carriers.

Again I am sorry you are leaving 

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