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Security question missing...


Security question missing...

So I get this email from Sprint in my online secure Sprint account that reads as follows:

Subject: Security question missing

Body: Hey, we need you to set up your security question and answer. This is important in case you every forget your PIN.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

What monkey put out that absolutly assinine email message? NO instructions as to HOW or WHERE to set your security question? AND I wasted 15 minutes look all over this site to try and find it!

So yes, I have forgotten my 6 digit pin, and I cannot get any support from the call center because I don't have that PIN. So, I have to go to a Sprint store with two forms of ID to in order to change my PIN. Can't do this while I am online via a secure connection to in my account! Thanks for the GREAT customer service (sarcasm here)!!

Really this is a the way your operation runs?

For the really really poor customer service, wasting MY TIME and the fact that you completely ditched the Windows phone...

One thing is for sure, the four phones in my account will be seeking a new provider the minute my contract is up.

This isn't the first time but, it will be the last time you waste my time, Sprint you so SUCK!

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Re: Security question missing...

You can definitely change your account PIN and Security Question/Answer online.

1. When you are logged into your MySprint account, go to the "My Preferences" tab.

2. In the "All About My Account" section, under "My Account Info", select "My Account PIN".

3. This opens the screen to change your acocunt PIN and Security Question/Answer online.

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