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Service Complaint


Service Complaint

Purchased a phone on 10/24 on 10/27 the screen was blinking and it had to be replaced.  At that time I called Sprint to add the service plan.  Started having the same issue with the phone and Sprint in this area directed me to Asurion for replacement $200 so we decided to wait -the screen is now cracked as well.  Contacted Sprint today through chat and was directed to Asurion for repacement. In talking to them the service plan was never added to the account and they can not help - I was directed back to Sprint Customer service.  After calling I was told that there was nothing that I can do but pay the remainder of the phone which does not work then buy a new one.  I have been a Sprint customer since 2000 and have 5 lines on this account.  I told the rep that was of no help that if she couldn't assist I would like to cancel all my lines, she transferred me and hung up.  Please help!

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