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Service Support


Service Support

We just switched from AT&T To save almost 75$ monthly on our bill. Since we have switched, we have called customer service 8 times during a 5 day period. Some of our texts are coming in hours late, multiple dropped calls, and sometimes having to resend a text up to 5 times for it to go through. Asking the world out there, is this the same service that you receive or does it get better ? Heard very good things and some really bad things about Sprint but wanted to give them a try. Waiting almost a month right now for a "AirWave" to help with service signals.

Let us know if you would. Thanks


Re: Service Support

I am in the same situation, Sprint service is getting worse every day now. I've been with Sprint for many years, and lately I have a lot of drop calls in Long Beach 90807, no data connection, 4G wimax is useless. I go around 10 places in one day, I get 4G connection like 3 places. 4G Wimax offers only some spots, the rest is 3G and its speed is slower than turtle crawling. I am thinking to quit Sprint and move to different wireless carrier. I know we save some $$ on Sprint, but when it comes to bad service connection and reception, I'd rather pay a little xtra to get what I need.

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