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Service outage in East El Paso, TX


Service outage in East El Paso, TX

I have no idea what is going on but I cannot place or receive a call (callers say my phone goes immediately to voicemail), text messages error out with various errors, and I cannot access the internet.  This is occurring on three different phones on my account and I have to use my kid's pre-paid phone from another carrier to make a call.  Wow this is pitiful service.

What is going on?  Zip code 79938 (crossroads- Edgemere and Rich Beem).  There have been issues for the past month but over the last few days there seems to be almost no service whatsoever.  What am I paying $200 a month for?

SMS Error - Other General Problems (cause Code: 107, Error Class: 2)

Radiot Interface Resource Shortage

Network Status - The network is busy. Please try again later.

Device Configuration - Error Code: 1012 (when I try to update it)

EDIT:  Just talked to Customer Service, and there is a tower that has been down 22 days!!!!! Twenty Two Days, and this is the cause of my problems.  The worst or best part is they have no estimate on when it will be back up.  Really?  You could've put up another tower by then.  So I cannot use my phone within 10 sq/miles from my house, which is where I do 90% of my usage.  My kids cannot use their phones to call or text me from school, they have to use landlines or other kids phones (not on Sprint).  I am getting out of this contract ASAP.

I am glad you are getting 4G rolled out in towns of 50,00 residents, when El Paso, TX, of +700k cannot even get basic service.  Wow.


Re: Service outage in East El Paso, TX

- adamonic Thank you for reahing out. I probably would be frustrated as well if our tower was down for 22 days. I can see the time frame in our systems and this far from normal. Usually it will take a coupld of days to get an issue resolved. Our network teams have been working non stop trying to get that tower back up, but everytime they think they are there an error pops up again. Hang in there..

- Mark

Social Media Care


Re: Service outage in East El Paso, TX


As of March 29th, and we still have a complete outage in my area, no voice, text, or data, and you want me to pay my bill?  I have 3 phones on my account that are unuseable for the last 41 days, I paid my last month's bill with the expectation that the network would be back up.  Now for 41 days of basically no service you want to only offer me a $35 credit for 4 months when I have had no service on 3 lines for 6 weeks?  How about giving me a full account credit for the time of the outage?    It is service like this (or lack of service) that is making me switch carriers the second my contract is up. 


Re: Service outage in East El Paso, TX

Hey adamonic, thanks for reaching out to us again.

I checked your area and it looks like the outage is still in effect; let's give your issue a more personal touch. At your convenience, please send me a personal message. Include your name, Sprint phone number, security information (PIN or security question answer), your Sprint Community name, and a link to this posting thread. We can communicate directly; please allow up to two business days for a follow up response. Thanks!


Giovanni R.

Sprint Social Care Team


Re: Service outage in East El Paso, TX

PM sent.


Re: Service outage in East El Paso, TX

Just to update this thread.  I also spent 2 hours on the phone (my home phone since my Sprint phone doesn't work in my area) with multiple Customer Service reps, superviors, account specialists and they promised that they would call me back (at my home phone) with an update to my situation because I refused to pay my bill based on the service I have received over the past 6+ weeks.  I got one call saying they would call me back the next day (March 30th) with an update and no one ever called back, go figure. 

Here is some interesting notes about the call:

1.  To get out of a contract without an ETF, you need 3 consecutives months with service below Sprint's standard of 93%.  93 of what, I have no clue.

2.  I only had one month at 82%, so I needed 2 more months below 93% to get out of my contract without paying.

3.  They told me this is some type of measurement on service quality, but to me there is no way this is possible or accurate. 

4.  They told me that the computer determines the discount ($35) and that they have no control over how much off they give a customer.  Great, a computer runs Sprint, I guess it is a x386 on dial-up because that is what my service feels like.

I am hoping Giovanni redeems Sprint's customer service rep because right now I have never had such a bad experience with a service.


Re: Service outage in East El Paso, TX

I wanted to include my 3G data speedtest numbers.  Would you pay for this service?

My ping is 412ms, Download is 29kbps, and Upload is 13kbps. 

I am glad I am paying that $10 Premium Data charge every month for possibly the worst service in the nation.  This is more like 1G or 0.1G.


Re: Service outage in East El Paso, TX

I got an Airave device since the outage in my area is so bad, and it has helped with the service within my house, but once I get about 20 feet from my house, I go from 5 bars to zero.  I am assuming the outage in my area is still ongoing?  I would like to thank Giovanni for assisting me with my account credit and Airave device.  He helped more in one try than 20+ reps have over the last 2 months.

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