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Signal Fade Every 45 Seconds!


Signal Fade Every 45 Seconds!

So my husband and I can't hold a call on our phones.  Starting about three days ago my phone started dropping calls when I'm at home, the phone will ring, or I will call, and after about 45 seconds-1 minute it will drop the call, but only when I'm at home, out of town, on the road, it's fine.  My husband noticed the problem today as well (he doesn't make as many calls from home so he hadn't noticed it before).  It's infuriating, not to mention dangerous since these are our only phones, we don't have a land line.  I keep thinking what if my son got hurt or there was another emergency, we would have no way of contacting an ambulence or police, or anyone for that matter.  Our zip is 93927...PLEASE fix this, I woud call customer service but, well, I can't.  I'm ready to cancel service and go to Boost, Sprint has really been going down hill and now this...BTW He has an HTC Evo and I have a Kyocera Rise.

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