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Simple Formula to Describe Sprint -------- Sprint = Fraud + Deceit


Simple Formula to Describe Sprint -------- Sprint = Fraud + Deceit

I have been a loyal Sprint customer since December 2000. In fact, Sprint has been my family’s only cellular provider. I am now at my wits end with your company after receiving deceitful information from one of your employees that has resulted in a substantial waste of my time, energy, and ultimately—my loyalty as a Sprint customer. My patience has been stretched. I am now embarrassed about all of the family and friends I have referred to Sprint over the years. This letter is my final act in trying to rectify a situation that has been poorly attended to by Sprint. I will keep it as brief as possible and highlight only what I feel are the main points. I will begin with the background of first contacting Sprint to inquire about upgrading the phones on my account and changing my service plan. I will then describe the turmoil that ensued from my efforts and the lack of help and resolution offered by Sprint. From this, it should be clear that I acted according to information provided to me by a Sprint Service Representative as I was seeking the best possible deal to move into a data plan with new phones. Unfortunately, I was instead directed down a path that was destined to leave me unsatisfied and unappreciated as a customer. I demand two things from Sprint. First, I want the Sprint Service Representative held accountable for the fallout that has resulted from his information. Specifically, I want to file a formal complaint and want to be informed about disciplinary action being taken with the Service Representative. Second, I want all of the pending charges removed from the account. If I am not satisfied with timely results regarding these issues, I will leave Sprint immediately and have my phone numbers ported over to Verizon. I have given Sprint too many chances to find a solution to this issue and feel that offering Sprint this final opportunity to rectify the situation is more than gracious on my part. I have put up with a lot of nonsense from Sprint and the message is clear: Sprint does not care about me as a customer—even after 12 years of loyalty. This is your last chance to convince me otherwise.

My wife and I have debated moving to a data plan for some time. We recently decided that the time was now since my phone was in need of being replaced and because we planned on getting our daughter an iPhone for her upcoming birthday. In January, my wife and I began looking at phones and getting prices from different vendors. My records are not complete regarding all of my correspondences with Sprint regarding this matter, but I do have the critical dates. On January 21st, I called Sprint to see if I could get the Samsung Galaxy S3 directly from Sprint for the same price that I could get it from a different vendor. The Sales Representative indicated that Sprint could not match the price (from Target) and suggested that I purchase my upgrade through the other retailer. Fair enough; I understand why Sprint could not match the price. My wife and I continued looking for the best deal we could find. Amazon Wireless had a very good deal on the phone if we created a new account. A primary concern of mine was to keep the phone numbers we had for over 8 years. I called Sprint again on February 15th to see if it was possible to create a new account with Sprint through Amazon Wireless and then port my old numbers over to the new account and then cancel my old account. The representative I spoke to told me that Sprint did not like for people to do it this way, but that it could be done. The Representative stressed that I should wait 2 weeks before I port the numbers over. Please go back and listen to the recording. My objective was very clear—I was trying to get the best deal I could and to ensure that things would be OK if I proceeded. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, the Representative was trying to hang me out to dry, so to speak. He knew very well that I would only have a 2 week grace period with a new account and that the situation would not unfold the way that I wanted. In other words, I was given a deceitful recommendation by a Sprint Service Representative that set me on a course for misery, wasted time, dissatisfaction, additional charges, loss of my existing grandfathered plan, and an overall feeling of being taken advantage of by a company I had been loyal to for over a decade. It is my opinion that the Sprint Representative was acutely aware that his recommendation—had I followed it precisely and waited at least 2 weeks to port my numbers—would result in an early termination fee and this was his way of dealing with a long-time customer that was simply doing their part to get the best possible deal.

I ordered two Samsung Galaxy S3’s from Amazon Wireless following that phone call with a Sprint Representative on February 15th. Fortunately, I did not wait 2 weeks before trying to port my old numbers over to the new phones. It was through the process of porting phone numbers that I eventually realized that I was not going to be able to do what the Sprint Representative had said I would be able to do. In other words, even though I took the time to ensure that my plan of action would work the way I wanted it to, I was lied to and put in a position that was anything but what I desired. I activated the phones on February 19th. When I called in to port my numbers (which took three days to accomplish), I was told that I would need to change the plan on my existing account. I did not agree to this. I said that I wanted the numbers ported over without changing my plan. I reiterated that I authorized no such change. Still, the change was made. I called in the next day because one of the new phones was not working properly after the port. This is when I was informed that my plan had been changed and, essentially, that everything that had been done was not going to work the way I was told it was. I immediately said that I wanted everything changed back the way that it was. Even though I explicitly said that I did not want my existing plan changed on my long-time account, it had been changed and I was informed that it could not be changed back. I believe this to be a fraudulent act. I finally conceded to accept a plan that was not even close to what I had originally had so that I could try and work out the rest of these issues. Again, this is fraudulent. I did not authorize the change. Check the audio. Someone already did and told me that the person I was dealing with shouldn’t have proceeded.

It took days and more hours of phone calls to get the phones changed back to the way things were initially. It has taken weeks of additional calls and promises of getting calls returned tand still no resolution. I called on February 16th to see where things finally stood with the account that was cancelled (i.e., the account recently started through Amazon Wireless). I was informed that I would have to pay activation costs for those phones and was not happy about that. From what the Sprint Representative said on February 15th, I should not have had to deal with any of these issues. Because of the information I received that day, I was now facing a number of charges that I should not be responsible for given the discussion on February 15th.  The bottom line here is that I was trying to remain a Sprint customer while also trying to make the most fiscally responsible purchase of new phones. I was disconnected and not called back. I called again the next day and was told that I would receive a call Monday. After a complete business week, I still have not received a call back.

I am done calling in and telling my story to new individuals every time only to spend hours on the phone and get nothing resolved and promises of people “personally” following up with me. I demand resolution immediately. At first, I intended to pay the week or two of service from the new plan. However, I am now unwilling to pay anything. I will not pay for an early termination fee or for phone activation. I was deceived and that is why those phones were purchased and how this entire ordeal originated. This is not my fault. I did my best to make an educated decision on how to proceed with new phones and I received deceitful information. After more than a month after trying to change my plan to a data plan, I need to purchase a new phone right away. The choice is yours, Sprint—do you fix the problem that you have created that has caused me time, misery, and grief, or do you continue to treat me with disrespect and deceit? Fraud and deceit—this is the taste that Sprint has left in my mouth. Fix it immediately or forget about me as a customer.


Re: Simple Formula to Describe Sprint -------- Sprint = Fraud + Deceit

They did the same thing to me, made me buy an expensive phone to fix my issues. Then when it didnt fix the issues, because it wasnt the phone it was their service, upper management assured me if I just waited a couple weeks my tower would be fixed and all would be golden. That rep knew if I waited that amount of time I couldnt return the phone or get out of my contract. After patiently waiting I tried to return the phone and get out of my contract, another upper management guy said I was threatening and harrassing him. You made a good point above, I also feel this Sprint company is full of Fraud and deceit, straight up lies as well.

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