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Simple bill pay like all banks have????


Simple bill pay like all banks have????

Why can't SPRINT just have a PAY MY BILL feature like every bank and other service online? Why do I have to find my bill and get the account number off it and use some 8 digit access code that I never tried to remember? Why do they have to be so complicated? SPRINT isnt that great to start with. Service sucks in the southeast and searching for signal kills my battery on both my phones, although im in a 100% coverage area, even when outside!!

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Re: Simple bill pay like all banks have????

Hi Gilsony,

Once you create an account owner user name for, you will not be required to provide your PIN again.  The PIN is for security reasons to protect accounts from fraudulent activity.  Once you are registered for account management, you can simply visit and go directly to the bill payment page. 


Shelly (VegOut)

Online Billing Manager

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