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So disappointed and frustrated with Sprint and their Customer Service


So disappointed and frustrated with Sprint and their Customer Service

I visited a Sprint store on 4/11/13 after having problems with the charging port on a Galaxy 2 (I have only had the phone 5 mths).  I was told they would need to order a new phone and I should have it in 4-5 days.  On day 4, the charging port went out completely and the phone was inoperable because the battery had died.  I contacted the store to verify the new phone was on its and was told it had not been shipped but was on back order with no specific date for shipment.  I was not offered another phone or another option just told you have to wait.  Unacceptable!  The Westheimer store in Houston told me to dial *2 and speak to Customer Service....did I not say the phone was DEAD...inoperable?  I was transferred to Customer Service and got no answer.  After calling directly, I was told again, I would have to wait...with no phone.  Unacceptable!  After requesting to speak with supervisors, not once but twice, I was advised I could order another one that was comparable to the S2, BUT I would first have to call back to the store and tell them to close out their order and they would order a new phone. REALLY?  After 1 1/2 hours on the phone and speaking with 10 different people both at the local store and Customer Service, I was ordered a new phone BUT would still have to wait 2-3 days to receive it.  Moral of this story...SPRINT SUCKS!  When my contract is up I will be canceling my service and going elsewhere.  P.S.  This is the time I would welcome a call asking how I would rate the service I got...think I will get that call...........

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