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So, my phone doesn't work in my apartment


So, my phone doesn't work in my apartment

I called Sprint Customer Service and talked to three people and was on the phone for hours.Of course, no resolution came from any of the time spent talking to them. They kept demanding I use this device that plugs in to the wall and my internet modem, and even after I told them that it wouldn't work because I use U-Verse, they just kept telling me I was wrong. Also, this man I talked to, he kept saying- basically that I was cheap, and I felt like he implied that I was poor, too. He was obviously looking at my name and seeing that it was not a standard "American" name, he made judgements. When I said I did not want to pay for more electricity and that I did not want a device that would ruin my internet connection, he laughed and said who cares about the price, its not that much, you can deal with it. I thought it was really strange.

His supervisor was worse. I told her that I had U-Verse and this device would not work. She demanded it would! I even called U-Verse and they said a Sprint device in my modem would most likely ruin it. But Sprint just keeps repeating all of these lies. I don't understand. Its like we are speaking different languages.******************was supposedly the email address where I could contact the supervisor who was demanding all sorts of personal information from me, that I don't think was her business.*********************** wont respond to my emails. I sent several.

Does anybody else know what to do when faced with such irrational behavior? Does sprint have a history of discriminating on folks based on their ethnicity and skin color and name origin? I guess sprint just hates some people. My sprint phone does not work and I do not know what to do. When I call CS its a traumatic experience. *********************** was very rude and refuses to reply to my emails. I sent the contact info for the UVerse technical team, but ******************  refuses to contact them.

I guess I can try my hand in a legal battle? So frustrating,

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