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Spending Limit Program Charge


Spending Limit Program Charge

What is this charge for?


Re: Spending Limit Program Charge

$4.99 is the service charge for being on an account spending limit. Sprint verifies that a customer qualifies for an account with a spending limit based on their credit history when setting up a new account. Customers who demonstrate a responsible payment history after 18 months of service may qualify to be removed from the spending limit program. Sprint may graduate a customer out of the ASL program by removing the preset spending limit and the program fee. The review happens automatically. We'll notify you by letter when it occurs. You can set up automatic monthly payments and the fee will be waived. If you want to enroll in automatic payments, you can either enroll through, which is the quickest and easiest way if you have Internet access, or contact Sprint Customer Service by dialing *2 from your phone, and customer service will send you an enrollment form for you to fill out and return. Hope this helps!!

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